RidePost joins The Iron Yard

Yesterday was RidePost‘s first day at The Iron Yard – a startup accelerator based here in Greenville, SC and a part of the TechStars network. We are beyond excited to be a part of the Summer 2012 class.

Last night the four of us were reminiscing about how we got here. It was just over a month ago when Marty, Nik and I were sitting in our favorite coffee place the day before our graduation ceremony at The University of South Carolina. We were meeting to discuss the RidePost website, when we got word that we’d been accepted into the accelerator. This is a project that the three of us took on for an entrepreneurship class as one of our electives for business school. Since then, a lot has happened: we found the 4th member of our team, Robert, and we have all relocated to Greenville to work on RidePost full-time.

The journey up to this point has been amazing and we are flabbergasted that we’ve been given this opportunity. We look forward to getting to know the other teams, as well – people are working on some really cool things! We’ll continue to share our stories, experiences and progress while we are a part of The Iron Yard – so be sure to keep checking in on us!

RidePost Family Dinner after our first day at The Iron Yard


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