Asheville, NC

Asheville is, quite frankly, a pretty quirky place.

RidePosting from Greenville, SC to Asheville, NC

I say this in complete fondness – I loved the downtown area, the eclectic mix of people and shops, and am an overall huge fan of the place. Picture an old mountain town, but modify it with a twist of independent artists and designers and a worldly food offering. I made my first trip to Asheville just last weekend for a friend’s wedding. My friend Ashley was driving from Atlanta, so was able to pick me up in Greenville so we could RidePost to Asheville together.

We arrived after just over an hour of driving and went straight to downtown Asheville. Ashley had done her research and knew exactly where we’d be eating: the Tupelo Honey Cafe.

This place came highly recommended and I can confirm that our experience was AWESOME. Definitely a great place to grab a bite if you ever have the chance to visit Asheville. I’ll warn you, however, be prepared to wait. We arrived around 1pm and had a 45 minute wait until we were seated. So if you’re planning to stop through Asheville on your trip, be sure to factor this into your planning. The good news: they are open everyday from 9am – 10pm, so you have a pretty large window to fit them in somewhere.

We ordered a LOT of food – more than we needed – but we couldn’t resist the opportunity to try as much as our stomachs could bear. Afterward, we walked up the block to Woolworth Walk – a privately-owned gallery that houses exhibits for local artists. This is a great place to swing by if you are looking for unique gifts – lots of pottery, jewelry, hand-blown glasses, and beautifully crafted woodwork.

Check out the pictures below for a breakdown of my meal at Tupelo, as well as a shot of the Soda Fountain at Woolworth Walk.


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