Taking your Staycation to the Road

I enjoy a staycation as much as the next person. In avoiding the hassle and price tag of a “real” vacation, the staycation is easy, affordable, and often leaves me feeling more relaxed at the end of the week. But it still doesn’t satisfy that need to simply “get away.”

So when Marty sent me this amazing link to HUNDREDS of ideas to enjoy your city on a budget, I realized there’s no reason I can’t “staycate” in someone else’s city. I understand this is a bit counterintuitive. But if you have a friend to stay with, and can RidePost your way to your city of choice, you can experience a “real” vacation on a “staycation” budget.

Even if you don’t have a friend to crash with, sites like AirBnb make it affordable to rent a place directly from people with extra space. Still cheaper, explore the option of home exchange, a la Amanda and Iris in The Holiday. And if it’s on a budget, that means you can increase the number of trips you get to take this summer without breaking the bank. (Yay!)

What deals are in your city? I’d love to hear your tips. The RidePost team is planning a beast of a road trip this summer and we need your input!

Earlier this summer, I RidePosted with three others to a friend’s home in Isle of Palms, SC for a 3-day stay.


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