Frank Greer Talks VC Funding at The Iron Yard

The Iron Yard is more than just office space for RidePost. We’ve been visited by some pretty influential people in the past couple of weeks, and have several more heavy hitters slated to visit throughout the rest of the program. Last week, Frank Greer, CEO and President of Zipit Wireless stopped by to speak to the group.

Frank Greer speaks to The Iron Yard

After the group meeting, RidePost got an individual session with Frank. We briefed him on what we were doing, what we hope to do, and asked him some general questions regarding our business model. Frank had some awesome insights for us, specifically:

  • How to understand investors, and figure out how we fit into their big picture (this was valuable coming from Frank, as he’s been extremely successful in getting funding in the past 5 years)
  • How to save time and effort by approaching the right people
  • How to build IP around our product, which can serve as an asset to our company and to potential investors
  • People, above all else, are a company’s core asset

We definitely look forward to continuing to tap into Frank’s brain in the future. Many thanks to Frank for his time, and to The Iron Yard for hooking it up!

Frank Greer Meets with RidePost. Here he is with Robert and Nik.


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