Love & Adventure in Park City, Utah

I had the most incredible 4-day weekend. I left Greenville, SC at the crack of dawn on Thursday morning to catch my flight to Salt Lake City, UT. Flight time: 5:45am. So that means I was up and out the door at about 4:30am. That definitely hurt. I had a 2 hour layover in Atlanta, and was then on my way to SLC on a 3hr45m flight. From the SLC airport, I #rideposted with 3 of my girlfriends up to Park City…about a 45 minute drive from the airport. 9 hours later, I made it to my final destination!

So why was I in Park City? It all started when Devan and our friend Meg had the brilliant idea to take an adventure after we graduated from college. They left for Buenos Aires, and what was supposed to be a 1-year teaching stint turned into 2-3+ years of living the Latin American life. And it also turned out to be where Devan met her beautiful Argentinean groom, Rodrigo. This past weekend, we partied ourselves into the Utahan ground celebrating Devan & Rodrigo, love, and adventure.

We had our own mini-adventures this weekend. We kicked off Devan’s bachelorette day/night by taking a 5 mile hike into The Canyons and doing some mountain-top yoga. The next day, about 30 of us headed to the Provo River for a 2 hour tubing session (unfortunately, no photos from that trip…couldn’t risk sinking my camera!).

Indulging in some mountain-top yoga with the bachelorette party.

Later that night, Devan and Rodrigo hosted a welcome party at Utah’s Olympic Park, where we got to enjoy cocktails, hot dogs and hamburgers, and Park’s City’s aerial ski team practicing their jumps.

Olympic Park in Park City, Utah

Saturday was wedding day. We began the day poolside, and then made our way to Red Cliff Ranch for the ceremony and reception. The Ranch was everything you’d hope to experience out West – horses, cattle, mountains, red rocks, and fresh, fresh air. There was even a string band playing some mountain music as the bride and groom came down the grassy aisle. We had dinner in a barn, danced surrounded by the mountains, and were engulfed by the campy and intoxicating scent of an open fire pit all night long (they even had s’mores!).

Only out West…dinner in a barn!

Sunday came and it was time to head home. After a quick breakfast at Squatter’s, (I even got to squeeze in some family time with my favorite Utah relatives) we all headed our separate ways. I made it to the airport for my 3:10 flight to Atlanta. After circling the ATL airport for a bit, I landed to receive about 3 voicemails from Delta, each explaining a new delay on my flight home to Greenville. So after about 5 hours of hanging out in the Atlanta airport (not to mention 3 gate changes, and one de-plane’ing) I landed at about 3am…6 hours after I’d been scheduled to land.

Despite the transportation headaches, I wouldn’t have missed Park City for the world. If you get the chance, I highly recommend making the trip. Although next time I’ll probably RidePost across the country to get there. Just to make it that much more of an adventure.


2 thoughts on “Love & Adventure in Park City, Utah

  1. Utah is awesome huh? I miss the old Provo days. Hope you checked out BYU’s “ride board’ while you were there…might be interesting.

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