Feliz Fried Chicken Day!

That’s right, it’s National Fried Chicken Day, y’all. Since we’re based in the South, RidePost can’t help but be a bit partial toward our traditional southern fried chicken. Let’s face it: everyone has got their pick on who has the best fried chicken in the U.S. What I wouldn’t give to take a cross-country tour to make the decision myself.

A place that I’ll be sure to visit (for the 3rd time, shhh) is one of my favorite spots in Savannah, GA. Sure, it might be pretty touristy, but the place sure does pack a lot of Southern flavor. Also on my personal list is Monell’s in Nashville, TN – where for under $13 it’s all-you-can-eat and family-style dining (as in, you share the table with strangers…who become friends by the end of the meal!). Monell’s is without a doubt the real deal.

Where’s your favorite fried chicken?


Paula’s Southern Fried Chicken in Savannah, Georgia is an experience unlike any other…


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