Back To Where It All Started

Last week was pretty great for RidePost. On Wednesday, we had the pleasure of visiting our old stomping grounds at the University of South Carolina. We left super early in the morning. (Well, for us at least…7am is really pushing it!) To revive ourselves after the drive, we headed straight to our favorite coffee place in town, and got to squeeze in a couple hours of work. We lovingly refer to Drip as our “Columbia Office.”

Morning RidePost from Greenville, SC to Columbia, SC

Next up was lunch. One of our favorite USC students, Adriana Garcia, met us at Pho Viet for some of the best food Five Points has to offer. We got to catch up and discuss our plans for the fall on campus.

After lunch we headed up to campus to meet with Dr. Randall Rose, who recently had an article published on one of our favorite topics. We got to sit down for a bit to discuss fun things, like Americans, our love for cars, and the story behind the U.S.’ entire road infrastructure. It’s a story worth telling another time – and deserves a post of its own.

The View from the Top: looking at Columbia from the Darla Moore School of Business

After meeting with Dr. Rose, we headed up to Dr. Richard Robinson’s IMBA Entrepreneurship class. Considering the fact that we’d been in those exact same seats just two years ago, and were now talking to IMBA students about starting a business, it was pretty crazy for us. After we spoke about RidePost, we had a few minutes to meet some of the students and see what sort of things they are interested in.

We finished the day by stopping into Columbia’s best gastropub to meet up with another awesome USC student, Chase Mizzell. Chase is an entrepreneur himself and is working on some amazing concepts, one of which that is going to take the idea of “community” to the next level. We got to share some ideas and hear about what Chase has cooking for the fall semester.

The day was long and jam packed with meetings. In the end, it was awesome to reconnect with the place where it all started. We can’t wait to be back next week for our official launch!

Dr. Robinson and Marty talking bidness.

Nik getting to catch up with IMBA students after the RidePost presentation


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