MailChimping in the ATL

As RidePost walked into the MailChimp offices last Friday, the smiles immediately appeared on our faces. It’s like entering a play land of wit and all things Chimpanzee. This is the kind of place where you can’t help but be inspired: the space is swarming with creativity.

Many thanks to our generous hosts at MailChimp. The trip was completely refreshing. People seemed genuinely happy to be there – us, especially. They even fed us and gave us all the coffee we could drink. What more could a group of penniless, bootstrapped startups want in a day?

So here it is…a glimpse into the Atlanta headquarters of MailChimp…

MailChimp’s entry lobby

The MailChimp Astronaut

This powerful monkey oversees all the food of the MailChimp land

Scared? or Surprised?

Corn Hole, MailChimp Style #1

Corn Hole, MailChimp Style #2

Nik playing his odds with the MailChimp Arcade Claw. (Don’t worry, everybody wins!)

Nik with his newly-won MailChimp Hat. How many of you can say you have one of these?

Our Host, Aaron, showing us the MailChimp Tiki Room

Marty and Nik checking out the Tiki room. Imagining the possibilities, more like. That beam on the right was hand-carved!


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