Rebranding RidePost

So, did you notice? We recently underwent some serious changes here at RidePost. Our first logo was a suitcase. A suitcase, with a luggage tag, and a world map – which happened to be missing a couple continents. We got it while we were still in school for $35 on E-lance (Shhhh. We know. We aren’t proud of it, either!). Here’s a shot of the logo:

So after arriving at The Iron Yard, we knew one of our first objectives was to get a new logo. The RidePost brand is – in three words – all about fun, mobility, and serendipity. As one of our mentors Keith Messick put it, we want to have all the romance of hitchhiking, without the danger. So to that point, safety is critical to our service, and something that we are constantly focusing on. So how do we keep the fun, but also communicate the “safe?”

Lucky for us, another mentor, Kristian Andersen, decided he and his design firm KA+A were up to the task. When we first met with Kristian, the RidePost concept totally clicked. He got it. And his team at KA+A got it. And like us, they got excited about ridesharing and its potential to really shake up the way people travel. As Kristian noted in our first meeting, ridesharing is about more than just getting around. It’s about the excitement of who you might meet, just by chance. We knew Nathan Sinsabaugh – the lead designer for the new logo, was our guy in stating:

Great travel is about more than simply getting from A to B; it’s an adventure. And when it’s shared ride travel, it should be fun and social. The brand should feel friendly, smart, safe, clean, and headed somewhere. It needs a personality that drives the conversation and extends an invitation.

And so, we give you Droo the ‘Roo:

The Kangaroo is obviously a huge departure from our first logo. But we knew if we were going to change our visual identity, the timing was now or never. We think this logo is a much more accurate visual representation of the RidePost brand: it’s friendly, it’s different, and best of all- it’s a bit unexpected for a ridesharing company. And, as Nathan put it, “what could be better than a kangaroo with a pouch – a built-in ride to share (with a trusted companion).”

One of the things we wanted to stay away from was anything car related. Because ultimately we see ourselves as more than a service limited to cars. We see ourselves as a filler of empty seats, whether those seats are in airplanes, boats, hovercrafts, or any other type of vehicle you can think of. Nathan, when explaining the design team’s thinking, explains:

There are other ridesharing options, but those brands tend to get stuck thinking about the niftiness of their service. The service itself is not all that complex or differentiated. Ultimately, what matters to people is people. What sets RidePost apart is knowing how good it feels when one person offers something to someone else, and how great it feels when someone you can trust shows up in your life and says, “Hop in.”

So hop in! The team at KA+A totally knocked it out of the park, and we are thrilled to say we work with a Kangaroo on a daily basis.

On another note, we are launching our beta site any day now, also designed by the wonderful KA+A. Sign up at if you would like to be one of the first to try it out!


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    While working at KA+A this summer, it was such a blessing to get to work with creative, innovative companies like RidePost. Here’s a snapshot of the KA+A identity redesign for RidePost.

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