Introducing RidePost Beta

To Our Awesome Friends,

We are excited to introduce RidePost beta today. It has been a long journey to get here and we appreciate everyone who has helped. Whether that help came in the form of input, advice, testing, feedback, criticism, motivation, couches slept on, hot coffee, warm meals, cold beer, dog treats, phone calls, emails, and anything else…from the bottom of our hearts…thank you. Your support has encouraged us to keep going. Your motivation helped us to bring RidePost back to life after thinking that the challenge was too big.

Today we decided to open up RidePost to anyone, anywhere. So that anyone can find a ride, anytime.

Our focus is on building the best, most safe, and most reliable transportation network in the country. Because we clearly see that our transportation system cannot keep up with our population and lifestyle. The transportation problems of 2012 are massive and well documented. The answer to these infrastructure problems is not solely new buses or faster trains. It is a more powerful and social alternative fueled by the people who need it most.

Progress is about challenging the status quo. It is time to make progress. Had Henry Ford not challenged the status quo, he would not have given birth to the Model-T and the freedom that comes with travel and access to mobility. It’s time to challenge the status quo. Together we have the tools needed to do so. Now it is time for all of us to execute. 

We created RidePost to change the way people travel. Travel today has become too expensive and too inaccessible for far too many of us. If you share in our passion for changing the way people travel, please join us at RidePost.

Thanks, and safe travels!
The RidePost Team

p.s.: If you don’t see something you want or need on RidePost today, let us know and check back often. We are updating the site daily to make it easier, safer and just plain better for you.


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