Rules To RidePost By

Reputation matters on RidePost, so we thought we’d provide some guiding principles for our members to ride by.

RidePosters hitting the road to Washington, DC for the weekend

Be Yourself.
Your profile is your first impression on the RidePost community. The more information you include about yourself, the more likely you are to find someone with shared interests. Which details you share about yourself are entirely up to you. Just make sure it jives with your personal comfort level, and keep it honest!

Ride Smart.
Get to know your driver and passengers. Visit their profile pages and read their ratings and reviews. If you’ve got any questions prior to the trip – ask them! Use the trip page comments section as your hub to make sure everyone is on the same page about the meeting place, departure time, destination, and stops along the way. If you’ve got any questions, let us know at

As a Driver, try to be as accommodating as possible. You are responsible for establishing a meeting place, and being clear on when you want to depart. You can also specify if you want to listen to a certain type of music, make a certain pitstop, or none of the above. All of this can be included on the trip page for passengers to review. As a Rider, make sure you are on time to the meeting place so the trip can start when it’s supposed to! Also, you can make suggestions for fellow trip members on the trip page comments section, too.

Stay Flexible.
We understand things come up. If you have to cancel a trip…do it sooner, rather than later. Try to give as much of a heads up as possible, so your fellow RidePosters can find another ride (or find another passenger).

Our refund policy is simple. If you cancel more than 24 hours before your trip, you will receive a full refund. If you cancel less than 24 hours before your trip as a passenger, it is up to the driver to decide if you will receive a refund. If you are a driver who cancels, this will reflect negatively on your community rating (and you’ll probably have a tough time recruiting passengers for your next trip). If you have a special case for canceling your trip, shoot us a message at

The RidePost Team


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