How to List Your DeLorean on RidePost

RidePost launched last Friday, and Robert has been busy coding away. He’s also been busy chatting with RidePosters while they are browsing the site. Our live chat feature is pretty awesome. So awesome, in fact, that we had one member, John W., ask about listing his DeLorean on RidePost. Check out the convo, below:

1:56:43 PM USA (Columbia, SC) #9979: i have a delorean that travels through time. does ridepost support this?

1:56:55 PM USA (Columbia, SC) #9979: i need to get some more plutonium though…

1:57:10 PM Robert : I don’t think you can legally drive anywhere in the US at 88mph

1:58:29 PM Robert : just make sure to set the date in the past in the “to” field

1:58:36 PM Robert : we only recommend this for our more advanced users

1:58:41 PM USA (Columbia, SC) #9979: perfect

1:58:56 PM Robert : ie ones that can manipulate the space time continuum

1:59:30 PM Robert : thanks for opening up inter-dimensional travel for RidePost. Intergalactic travel was our next step, but maybe inter-dimensional is next

2:00:41 PM Robert : But depending on the school of thought, the 4th dimension (time) is inaccurate. It’s really a different parallel universe you travel to

2:00:51 PM Robert : Anyway, thanks for the love

2:00:52 PM Robert : :)

2:01:15 PM USA (Columbia, SC) #9979: i love you.

2:01:17 PM USA (Columbia, SC) #9979: haha

2:01:24 PM Robert : <3

Have any questions for us? Visit us on and we’ll chat with you, anytime!


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