The RidePost Top Secret Side Project, cont’d…

So we dropped a line last week about a top secret side project we’d undertaken. We’ve been working hard on pushing our beta site live, which we were happy to release last Friday. For the launch at the University of South Carolina, we wanted to have something to catch people’s attention. It’s no secret we’re on a budget – we’re a startup! So we headed to Home Depot (at least 4 times just last week) to buy some raw materials and see what we could do, arts and crafty style.

In the end, we went for an oversized street sign, topped off with some RidePost ‘Roo flair. We wanted the (Ride)Post to be more than just a street sign. It had to be something collaborative, and something people could interact with. While simple in concept, actually creating this thing turned into a true labor of love. And late nights. But we were determined…nothing could stop us!

We ended up painting the piece in chalk paint. Passers by wrote their names, they shared their love for their school, and they shared places they hope to travel to this year. It was fun to see people stopping dead in their tracks and then getting excited to use chalk to write something. When’s the last time you got to play with chalk?

Here’s the photo essay on how our newest team member – The RidePost RooPost – came to be…

The piece of plywood was about 3/4 of an inch thick. We had to start from the edges and work our way in to start shaping the Roo.

The Roo begins to take shape. We were resourceful: we used a wheel barrow as our first mount. The scraps fell into the barrow. It worked ’til it didn’t…

Nik had to move from the wheel barrow to the sandbox for some fine tuning. Thanks again to the Union Family for letting us use their backyard!

Nik jigsawed the Roo into the late hours of the night. Here we are relaxing with our new friend on the back porch.

After sanding down the rough edges, the Roo and Post were coated with a couple layers of primer and left to dry outside overnight.

Nik waiting for the base with the other materials. We used a 4″x4″x8′ as our main pole, which we sanded down, primed, and painted in chalk paint. And then we used Home Depot scraps for the street signs and base.

Home Depot was our second home. They were kind enough to pick out our base and trim it down for us. All in all, we made about 4 trips last week. If we ever need to craft another RooPost, we know just what to do!

Nailing the street signs into the RidePost RooPost. Since we knew people would primarily be writing on the post portion, we painted that section the night before to give it extra time to dry. We added the detail pieces the next day.

Nik putting last touches on our street signs and the base.

The RIdePost RooPost in it’s full glory at the Welcome Back // Move-In Fair on campus. There is a slit in the top of the post where we can attach/detach Droo.

CJ wants to visit her family in Anaheim!

Jessica wants a ride to NYC!


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