How Honest Are You?

At RidePost, honesty and trust are paramount to our community. While we know it’s important, the folks at Honest Tea did something really cool: they actually measured how honest people are in the U.S. They went to 30 cities and set up un-manned kiosks, asking people to donate a dollar in exchange for taking a bottle of Honest Tea. They recorded what went down at each of the kiosks, and were able to quantify some pretty interesting behavior:

  • East Coasters (93%) are more honest than West Coasters (92%)
  • Women (95%) are more honest than Men (91%)
  • Brunettes (92%) are more honest than Blondes (90%)

You can dive in and see the results yourself, and even customize your results by lifestyle, appearance, location, and sport.

Overall,  the experiment was overwhelmingly positive: people are much more honest than popular culture leads us to believe. The least honest place in the country was Brooklyn, where 61% of all people still paid for their drink. That’s a relatively high number, considering it’s by far the lowest of all 30 cities included in the study. The cities that achieved 100% honesty: Oakland and Salt Lake City. Who’d have guessed these two cities would have so much in common?

The Honest Tea Honesty Campaign, as explained by Fast Company’s Co.Exist


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