Win $50 Toward Your Next Trip!


Your big chance has arrived! If you post a ride by Tuesday, September 4th, YOU will be entered for a chance to win $50 toward your next trip!

It’s easy: visit us at, connect via facebook, and click the big orange button to “Post a Ride.”

Don’t know when or where you are going? We recommend throwing several posts up there to get a feel for who wants to go where. Who knows, you could get inspired by other members’ ride posts! Plus, every post you make is an additional chance to win $50.

Some clarifying tips / ideas:

  • Rides don’t need to occur before Tuesday, September 4th; just created and posted on by that date!
  • 1 Post = 1 entry to win $50. There is no limit to the posts you create!
  • Both Drivers and Passengers can create posts. You’ll be entered to win just the same.
  • Where are you going this Labor Day Weekend? Post it up! No plans? See if you can hop in to someone else’s trip!
  • Music Fans: check out who’s performing where, and recruit some fellow RidePosters to go with you!
  • Flying out of another city? You can use RidePost to post a ride and see if someone can drive you, for less.

Contact us with questions at

Happy RidePosting!


2 thoughts on “Win $50 Toward Your Next Trip!

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