Last (official) Week at The Iron Yard

So last week got busy for RidePost. Between the four of us, we covered some pretty decent ground. We’ll give you a breakdown of our mini-tour of the Southeast:

  • Monday. Robert and Nik in Charleston (Happy Birthday Robert! The Big 2-5!). Blair in Columbia. Marty in San Francisco (wheeling and dealing).
  • Tuesday. Blair and Nik in Charlotte (rubbing shoulders at the DNC with the recently launched Collaborative Economy Coalition, #nbd…). Robert in Greenville. Marty in San Francisco.
  • Wednesday. Blair, Nik and Robert in Greenville. Marty flies into Greenville. We all #RidePost to Atlanta for our first Demo Day. Marty kills it. Marty and Blair come home to Greenville. Nik and Robert stay and party it up with some amigos.
  • Thursday. Blair, Marty, Nik, and Robert all back in Apartment 1107 – with Shakey the Dog, too! Things are starting to feel normal again.
  • Friday. Blair, Marty Nik and Robert at the Next center to take in some @CoWork #ZeroDay action.
  • Saturday – Sunday. Decompress in Greenville for a weekend of food, sleep, and fitness where possible.

So that brings us to this week. The last (official) week at The Iron Yard. We’ll be sad to see our fellow teams leave. But for RidePost, we’re keeping the HQ right here in Greenville. So while it’s the last “official” week at The Iron Yard…we aren’t planning to actually leave this place anytime soon. That is, of course, while we’re not #rideposting our way around the country…

The view from the top: The Iron Yard Atlanta Demo Day at The Buckhead Club


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