The Iron Yard Comes to Raleigh

Tomorrow is an important day for the teams at The Iron Yard: it marks Demo Day #2 in Raleigh, North Carolina. This morning Marty, Nik and Blair #rideposted from Greenville, SC up to Raleigh. John from team Spent joined us for the ride. It’s amazing how quickly the trip goes by when you’ve got three other people in the car to talk with.

Nik, John and Marty fueling up at the Love’s station for the trip to Raleigh

We got to Raleigh around noon and grabbed a bite to eat at Sam & Wally’s (it was right next to where we parked in downtown Raleigh) – then Marty and John headed over to the CED Conference, while Nik and Blair came to the Benelux Cafe to set-up the temp RidePost offices at the Historic City Market.

Anyone got any tips on what to do in Raleigh tonight? We’d love to hear from you!

To Raleigh!


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