RidePost Demo Days

We had two Demo Days last week. After spending a couple of days in Raleigh for the CED Tech Venture Conference, we got to pitch RidePost to a room full of people from the conference. That night we #rideposted our way back to Greenville for the main event: Demo Day Greenville.

Marty pitching RidePost at Greenville Demo Day

The folks at Zen hosted us at their super elegant/organic/urban space. Not only did we find out we are on the cover of Black Box Magazine, but we got to present our plans for RidePost to a roomful of people eager to hear what we’re all about. Turns out, we aren’t the only ones excited about a new and social ridesharing network for the U.S. transportation system. Woot! Here are some photos from the day:

Meeting and Greeting at Zen

At Zen, pre-pitch sessions

New t-shirts for Demo Day

Kristian Andersen introduces RidePost to the audience 

Robert working the live demos at the RidePost table

RidePost on the cover of Black Box Magazine

Thanks to The Iron Yard and the rest of the teams that have been working alongside us this summer. It’s hard to believe we’re all headed our separate ways. We can’t wait to see where everyone ends up – we’ve got some incredible talent and ideas coming out of The Iron Yard summer class of 2012. That can only lead to good things :)


4 thoughts on “RidePost Demo Days

    • Josie! You were the best host we could have asked for. Look out for our Raleigh post – we can’t wait to share your insider tips! Thanks so much again for taking such good care of us.

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