The RidePost / BMW Ultimate Driving Experience

After Greenville Demo Day, RidePost and the rest of The Iron Yard headed to the BMW Performance Driving Center. This place is unreal. It’s the kind of place you hear about but you don’t really understand until you’re there to experience it for yourself. Brand-new, beautiful and out-of-our-price-range cars became our toys for the day. It was like bumper cars on luxury-and-speed-and-adrenaline-induced steroids. If you’re in to cars, add this place to your bucket list. If you’re not into cars, well – you can add it to your bucket list, too. Even a non-car person can appreciate the experience!

The incredible Chris Brank joined us for the day and put together this sweet video. 

Here’s our own collection of pictures, below:

One of our rides for the day

The Rat Race

X3s on the Off-Road Course

Individual Time Trial Track

Lined up for the Rat Races

“Don’t Forget to Breathe.” This is where the real drivers took us around the track.

Nik and Robert posing before hitting the M3 race track


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