A Local’s Take on Raleigh, North Carolina

While in Raleigh for Demo Day, we got to stay with Robert’s Aunt Josie. Aunt Josie has been living in Raleigh for nearly 25 years and is the ultimate southern hostess. She had waves of family and friends coming in and out of her house to meet us on our visit. We couldn’t have felt more welcome under one roof. We asked Josie for her tips on what to do while visiting Raleigh. We hope you enjoy this local’s take on Raleigh, NC!

Tip #1: It’s “y’all” – no exceptions! Don’t be using “you guys” or “you all.” Y’all. Period.

Tip #2: For breakfast/brunch, head to the iconic Finch’s for old school, diner-style food. Or, you can check out Coquette Brasserie for a more upscale dining experience.

Tip #3: A longtime favorite grub spot: The Roast Grill. This local institution has been serving up ‘Hot Weiners’ and perfecting their famous chili for 70+ years.

Tip #4: For Carolina-style barbecue, you can head downtown to one of the top-rated places in the country: Clyde Cooper’s Barbecue. These guys have been feeding the fine folks of Raleigh since 1938! They must be doing something right over there.

Tip #5: If you’re in town December 8th or 9th, buy a ticket to Raleigh’s Candlelight Tour of Homes in the Historic Oakwood District. You’ll get to tour through 11 homes from the mid 1800’s to early 1900’s that have been preserved both inside and out. You might even be lucky enough to have Josie as your guide!

Tip #6: One of the greatest things about Raleigh is the weather. Raleigh takes full advantage of this by hosting a slew of seasonal outdoor events. Midtown – North Hills, in particular, offers up a bevvy of options covering anything and everything from food, wine, design, and art to music festivals…take your pick!

Thanks so much again to Josie for having us. Our next trip to Raleigh will certainly allot more time for trying out all of these awesome suggestions. It makes a world of a difference when traveling to do as the locals, don’t you think?

Check out our photo essay from our short trip, below:

Morning #RidePost to Raleigh. The drive was gorgeous!

Aunt Josie surprised Robert with a very special (and delicious) birthday cake.

Josie cleans up Nik for Demo Day in Raleigh

The guys walking out of the Raleigh Convention Center after a hard day’s demo’ing.

We hit some traffic on our way out of Raleigh.

Dusk hits on our drive home to Greenville after our brief stay in Raleigh.

Drove through the night to get home to Greenville. Raleigh, we can’t wait to come back!


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