RidePost and College Football in Atlanta

One of our favorite RidePost members, Eric, recently RidePosted his way down to Atlanta, Georgia for some college football. For all of your sports fans out there, read up on Eric’s tips for what to do in Atlanta on a game day. What travel tips do you have for your city on big-traffic weekends?

My latest road adventure was a trip down to Atlanta, Georgia for the Chick-fil-A Kickoff Games. The first week of college football had finally arrived, and as luck would have it, my two favorite teams were both playing in the Georgia Dome that same weekend.

As a Knoxville native and a Clemson student, I am both a diehard Tennessee Vols fan and a diehard Clemson Tigers fan. The Vols were playing NC State on Friday night, with the Tigers taking the field on Saturday against Auburn. It was time to pack a bag full of orange clothes and RidePost down to Atlanta!

This was my first time staying in downtown Atlanta, so I would like to share my experience and provide some tips for any other RidePosters visiting the city…

Getting around ATL

To avoid paying for parking the need for a designated driver, we decided to leave the
car at a friend’s place for the duration of the weekend and use MARTA to get around. The system is easy to use, and only costs $2.50 per trip. The best part was that there is a stop right underneath the Georgia Dome!

I was able to get from Lenox, which is North of Atlanta, to the Dome in about 20 minutes. It probably would have taken twice as long if we had driven, due to traffic and parking time. I used it to get all around Atlanta throughout the weekend, and had no problems with safety or getting lost whatsoever. If you go to Atlanta, definitely consider the MARTA as it will make your life much easier, especially if you plan on celebrating the games and don’t want to pay an expensive cab fee.

Blue skies in Atlanta for Chick-fil-A Kickoff Game Weekend

The Georgia Dome

I had my first and second Georgia Dome experiences this weekend, and both were fantastic. The stadium was just the perfect size for the games, and had a plenty of parking lots to tailgate. I tailgated right across the street from the stadium, watched the game, and then went to Stats – an awesome college football bar, definitely worth a visit. The stadium is really nice inside and unlike any other college football game I’ve been to, it sold beer! It certainly didn’t hurt that both of my teams won that weekend, either.

The Georgia Dome in Atlanta


After Tennessee’s victory on Friday night, I took the MARTA up to Buckhead to
celebrate at the Buckhead bars. We had a blast, and I highly recommend checking
out this area if you are in Atlanta. Buckhead is on the north side of downtown, and
has a great nightlife scene. I’d recommend starting on Irby avenue, which has a variety of bars lining both sides of the street.


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