The Sure Thing of All College Tailgates

The following is a guest post provided by RidePost member Genevieve Marie. Genevieve is a Chicago native and current student at Davidson College…

Here’s my problem: How does a non car owning college kid at a liberal arts school, like myself,
find a way to a big SEC tailgate at Ole Miss? As of last week, these were my options:

1. Rely on my flaky car owning friends. Let’s face it, college kids aren’t planners. One day they are 100% committed to driving somewhere and the next day they have bought a plane ticket somewhere else for their weekend break. Yet every time we, non car owning folk, convince ourselves that this time, it will be different.

2. Planes, trains, and Greyhounds. I could have opted to traverse the country on various
forms of land transportation that would have ended in a twenty four hour travel day, and about
the same amount of money as a plane ticket. I still considered this a valid option given the
greyhounds recent upgrade to wifi. Never underestimate the value of wifi.

Seemingly out of further options….I headed to the internet, only to find this gem of a startup:

Option number 3: RidePost. All John Cusack references aside, this is The Sure Thing of all
college commuting options- especially if you are me, and really just trying to hang out at the Ole
Miss grove.

Backed by an energetic team of college grads, RidePost accomplishes what old school
ride boards accomplished back when our parents were still using white out and typewriters.
RidePost connects drivers with extra seats with riders willing to share the cost to reach a
common destination. For the car locked college kid, this startup saves the day. The creep
factor is solved by requiring users to connect their various social media platforms to the site and
a system of reviews to create accountability and trust between ride post users.

I recently used Ridepost to commute from Davidson, NC to Oxford, MS; A whopping ten plus
hour drive. As per usual, friends who seemed interested in making the trek to the #1 ranked
SEC tailgate in the nation at Ole Miss eventually flaked out, and there was no way I was
spending more money than my semester stipend to get there. As I ran out of options, I went
online to see what other people with a similar problem had come up with. Lo’ and behold, I
discovered Ridepost which launched only a few short months ago.

I signed up, posted my ride and waited for a response. Within a week of my trip, one of the
startup’s founders offered to drive me. There and back. It was as easy as paying for my trip
online, and hopping in the car. I was only a few button clicks away from mimosas in the grove
with football fans and southern gentleman. My only hesitation was that I would run out of things
to talk about, or the music selection would not be as “dank” as it was advertised on my driver’s
profile page. I should not have been worried, the founders, Nik and Robert were fantastic people
to talk to and their assortment of old high school and college mixtapes from ex girlfriends,
was “dank” as promised.

My overall experience was, in short, awesome. I might go as far to say, that even if I had a car
I may still have chosen RidePost. After all, you never know who you will meet on the road and
what you can learn from others. In an age when stories are shared on Facebook and new
connections are found on Linkedin, RidePost is an awesome way to get to know adventurous
young people. Not only do I have high hopes for the success of this startup, but If you haven’t
attended a tailgate at the Ole Miss grove, just trust me when I say, it is not one to miss. Go
ahead and put it on your bucket list, and if you don’t have a ride…RidePost will get you there.

Visiting The Grove at Ole Miss Homecoming via RidePost


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