RidePost Waives Fees in Wake of Storm Sandy

Because of the huge need for transportation right now – RidePost is refunding all fees through Sunday. We are trying to find a way to get the word out – we know our site can serve as a great resource for people who do not have access to transportation due to the mass damage caused by Sandy. 

We have heard from many people who are looking to help in different ways. We want to help good people do good things. Share this message with your networks to help!

One way RidePost can help people in the post-Sandy affected areas is for those who cannot wait for a flight later this week or weekend. With LaGuardia still closed, there are certainly a lot of commuters without a way to get home. Stranded travelers can use RidePost to connect with similarly stranded individuals to get to their destination now that public transportation is closed or running .

If stranded travelers are able to find a rental car, they can post where they are driving, and connect with others headed to the same place. Or, if in need of a ride – passengers can create their own posts on RidePost, requesting rides from the community. Again, this can be done to help with gas money or for free. We make it easy for people to connect and handle the payments upfront so there is no awkward cash exchange. Also – especially in this case – if someone is willing to list their trip for free, they can certainly volunteer to do that as well.

Have you been affected by Sandy? Let us know how we can help at hello@ridepost.com


One thought on “RidePost Waives Fees in Wake of Storm Sandy

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