Calling all Sandy Donations!

Earlier this week we launched a new page on RidePost dedicated to Sandy Relief Efforts. While South Carolina is a far cry from the New York / New Jersey areas most heavily affected by Super Storm Sandy, it doesn’t keep us from wanting to lend a hand anyway we can. While we were thinking about what we could personally donate, we realized, “why not ask others to join us in our efforts?”…and so…up went the page.

We moved our previously planned roadtrip to Boston up a couple of days to make time to swing through the NY/NJ area with our donations, making stops at Sandy Relief drop off locations in the area. The idea is to pick up donations from friends, friends of friends, and local groups/businesses in the Columbia / Greenville / Charlotte areas. And to spread the word along the way – anyone that falls within our route from Greenville, SC up to the greater NYC area, and who wants to donate items to the victims of Sandy – please email us at and we’ll pick up your items. We’re looking for home goods, bedding, non-perishable food, and warm clothing for the cold months ahead. If you want to come along for the trip, you can always hop in and join us.

Yesterday, we got word of a BIG donation from a local SC company, SHEEX. SHEEX is based in Irmo, South Carolina, and has committed to donating 100 travel pillows and travel pillow cases! Woot! Looks like we’re going to have to find a bigger car…and we couldn’t be more excited about it.

Check out our page and see how you can help. If you are living in the greater NYC area, you can always donate your time / car to help driving people around who have fell victim to mass transit outages.

100 SHEEX Pillows are headed up to the NY/NJ area with Team RidePost! What donations can you contribute to the effort?


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