It’s No Impact Week at the University of South Carolina!

Our good friends at the University of South Carolina – the SC EcoReps – are putting on quite the event this week. Taking inspiration from the No Impact Man, they’ve created a No Impact Week challenge for students at the University of South Carolina. It’s a really creative way to raise awareness and to get people thinking about one’s day-to-day impact on the planet. Here are the week’s challenges:

Sunday: Consumption. Do not buy any new goods (except for food).
Monday: Trash. Make no trash.
Tuesday: Transportation. Walk, ride your bike, or carpool to get around. 
Wednesday: Food. Enjoy local, seasonal food.
Thursday: Energy. Try to use no energy (at all!).
Friday: Water. Use as little water as you can.
Saturday: Service. Give back to the Earth by volunteering and CELEBRATE! You did it!

Tonight, we’re co-sponsoring Transportation night with Mellow Mushroom pizza and a viewing of No Impact Man. If you’re in the Columbia area, check out the event! It’s at USC’s Green Quad Learning Center at 6pm. Hope to see you there!


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