Introducing RidePost Groups

RidePost Groups are designed to give our members a new way to interact with one another within the greater RidePost community. As our community continues to grow, Groups enable you to tailor your ridesharing experiences to your own interests. Groups can be tied to a school, event, team, church, business, organization, or location – the options are endless. The feature is open-ended by design in order to accommodate the many different activities and travels of you and the rest of our unique members.

RidePost Groups

How to join a Group:
1. Login to RidePost using your Facebook credentials.
2. Go to your Profile Page. Select “Edit Profile” in the top right of the page. Scroll down to My Groups.
3. Click “Add a Group” and select your desired Group from the drop down menu.
…if your selected Group requires email confirmation:
4. Fill in your email associated with the Group.
5. We’ll send you an email with a unique URL to confirm your identity. Once you’ve confirmed your email address, you’ll have access to the Group!

How to create a Group:
[Follow Steps 1 & 2 above]
3. Click “Add a Group” and select “Other…” from the drop down menu.
4. Provide your email address and name for your Group. Click “Request a Group.”
5. We’ll follow up regarding your Group request, and work with you to get your Group up and running asap!

Once you’ve joined a Group:
Invite others to join you. You’ll have access to the Group Page via your Profile, where you can see all of the rides posted by your fellow Group members. Plus, the RidePost community will be able to see which Groups you are affiliated with. It’s yet another look into who you are and another way to connect with travelers like you.

Some Examples of Groups:

  • Schools. If you are a current student / faculty member / administrator, you’ll be able to select the school you are currently attending with your school-issued email address. This is how we verify that you are indeed part of that Group. Once you’ve confirmed your email address, you can filter your searches to fellow students, and you’ll have your school officially listed under the My Groups section of your personal RidePost Profile.
  • Events. If you are attending an upcoming concert / sporting event / music festival / art fair / etc…, we invite you to create a Group for that event. We’ll help you find RidePost members that are also planning to attend, increasing your chances of arriving in RidePost fashion. Plus, you’ll meet people of shared interests!
  • Organizations. If you’re part of a service organization, or a running club, or any assortment of a group of people looking to accomplish something together…create a RidePost Group for it! You’ll be able to see where members of your organization are traveling. And even better, you can organize group travel when you all decide it’s time to get a move on.
  • Locations. Live in a particular city? Looking to get away on the weekends? Create a Group for your town/city/village/what have you. You’ll find people that live in your area – thus increasing the odds of catching a ride outta town when you need it. Look at is as a new way to connect with  people in your own backyard.

These are just 4 examples of the many different types of Groups you can create and get the most out of with RidePost. The idea is to better customize RidePost to fit your specific needs.

So, what do you think? We want to know! Email us at and tell us your thoughts. You can also chat with us 24/7 on if you have any questions or need some help in getting started.

Happy Grouping!
The RidePost Team


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