Our Turkey Travel Facebook Poll

We want to know how people are traveling this holiday season. So a couple of weeks back – after Thanksgiving – we created a Facebook poll that asked:

How did you get to and from your Thanksgiving destination this year?

The overwhelming majority of folks (74%) traveled by car. Of the respondents that traveled by car, 65% indicated that they shared the ride with at least one other person. Take a look at this infographic for the complete results:

RidePost's Thanksgiving Poll Results

While our poll was extremely simple and straightforward – we don’t have any demographic info to complement these findings, for example – it made us wonder: what do these results really tell us? Some thoughts/follow-up questions:

  • Nearly half of our respondents (48%) rideshared their way to turkey. YAY! How can we increase this number for the rest of the holiday season?
  • Over 80% of respondents’ Thanksgiving destination was within driving distance (including the 9% that stayed put). How will this change for Christmas? Hanukkah? NYE? Are people willing to travel further for these other holidays?
  • Of the 24% of people that drove alone – did they wish to drive alone? Were they unable to find a travel companion to share costs? Why/Why not?
  • How far in advance did people plan their holiday travel? Did those who rideshared plan further ahead of time? Or did they find their travel partners last-minute?
  • How did those who traveled via rideshare find their fellow travelers?
  • How do the increasing prices of planes & trains affect the decision to drive? Or limit travelers to “stay put” instead?

Amazing how one little question can prompt so many more. It seems everyone has somewhere to go…especially this time of the year. So what’s the process for getting there? And where does RidePost come in?

Our last question: how will YOU get home for the next holiday? If you haven’t already, be sure to post your holiday travel on RidePost. You could find someone to share the costs, and make the ride just a bit more merry :)


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