2013: The Year of Domestic Travel

I’m still making my 2013 travel list;  I’ll admit, it’s always a bit of a process for me. While we keep working away on RidePost, I have no doubt that time and budget will make 2013 a year of domestic travel. Which – given all the places I have yet to see in my own backyard – is all good with me.

My high level search usually starts with the big travel sources: NY Times & Lonely Planet. Between the two, NY Times gives me the higher-end targets, while Lonely Planet keeps me on budget. Once I’ve decided on the big destination, I can use apps like Roadtrippers to find cool things to do along the way – these guys are the masters of route planning.

So after all this, you can imagine my relief when the NY Times published the year’s 46 Places To Go over the weekend. Here’s what I’m thinking is up for 2013:

Houston, TX  Apparently Texas is turning the corner and it’s no longer about the “big.” Houston is dubbed the state’s cultural and culinary capital…perhaps this city could serve as the launchpad for the Texas Tour I’ve been wanting to take all these years.

Brenner's Steakhouse on Bayou in Houston

Brenner’s Steakhouse on Bayou in Houston

The Adirondacks, NY  I love the idea of camping: just not the actual execution of it all. So now that glamping is popping up on the East Coast (think of a tent, but with a queen size bed and more uppity food over an open fire) – The Adirondacks might be my summer roadtrip.

Glamping in The Adirondacks

Glamping in The Adirondacks

Louisville, KY  Definitely the dark horse of the group, I can’t escape the positive reviews coming in on Louisville. After an amazing weekend in Lexington this past October, I’m eager to continue on my Kentucky tour. I have my sights set on NuLu – think converted warehouses as microbreweries, antique shops and rebooted restaurants.

Bourbons Bistro in New Louisville (NuLu), Kentucky

Bourbons Bistro in New Louisville (NuLu), Kentucky

Washington, DC  I grew up in the DC area (Northern VA, to be more exact) – and couldn’t wait to get away. I never really “got” the city – to me it was always predictable and political. Now, every visit back to the District leaves me confused – is it me that’s changed? or the city itself? Probably a bit of both. Either way, DC is no longer the humdrum political scene of my youth: it’s become a vibrant food and music scene that keeps pulling me back. I have a feeling I’ll be frequenting DC quite a bit this year.

DC's Adams Morgan neighborhood.

DC’s Adams Morgan neighborhood.

So these appear to be my top destinations for 2013. All budget-friendly, and all very, very ridesharable targets from the Carolinas.

What resources do you use to find your next destinations? And where do you plan to travel in 2013? Let me know in the comments below!


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