5 Ways to Control the Cost and Stress of Travel

Travel is an exciting time that brings new experiences from start to finish. When we hit the road, be it for a day, weekend or longer, the reason for our travel is – more often than not – an exciting event, person or destination that we are driving toward.

Travel has the power to change our perspectives on anything, as it is out of our daily routine. In doing so, we all hope for the best experience possible.

As the costs of travel continue to grow, not only in terms of dollars but also in terms of time and other resources, so too does the stress involved. While individual travelers may not be able to reduce the fixed dollar costs associated with travel (gas prices, ticket prices, tolls, etc) people can help alleviate the other travel headaches with a little bit of planning ahead.

Here are 5 travel tips that help an individual reclaim ownership of their own travel experience:

  • Food: Find a grocery store near where you are staying and buy your meals there. This dramatically reduces the cost of food on the road by avoiding dining in at restaurants every meal. Also it helps you stay on a more normal diet schedule, similar to when you are at home.
  • Accommodations: Ask a friend to stay on their couch or spare bedroom. Since we launched RidePost we have been traveling a lot, yet not once have we paid for a hotel room when traveling. We are very lucky to have some great friends who have opened their door for us and so many great stories to tell as a result of our stays with them.
  • Traffic: Avoid rush hour. Nothing makes blood boil more while behind the wheel than stop and go traffic (Maybe Mythbusters or HowStuffWorks could help prove this). Apps like Waze can help you see live traffic conditions while on the go.
  • Stereo: Pick what makes you happy. With great services like Spotify, Pandora, TuneIn and SirusXM radio available, we are no longer tied to one CD or radio static jumping in and out along the trip. If music is not your thing, stock up on Podcasts or audio books to help pass the time productively.
  • Souvenirs: Skip the souvenir shops, take a picture instead. Does your family really want an inauguration shot glass? No. Would it make their day if you sent them a picture from outside the White House instead? Yes. With apps like ByPost you can even send a postcard of your own picture straight from your phone.

Travel and the freedom of mobility is an important part of our journey in life. By managing the stress of travel, we invite a better experience.

How do you control the cost and stress of your travel? Let us know in the comments below.


2 thoughts on “5 Ways to Control the Cost and Stress of Travel

  1. Thanks! I agree with many of your tips for traveling abroad as well. There is always something worth seeing, doing it on a budget can make a better experience for many reasons.

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