5 Ways To Be a Great RidePost Driver

When you host guests in your home, odds are you treat them courteously and don’t give them any cause to think you’re a bad host. You probably go out of your way to make them feel right at home, providing clean sheets and maybe even baking them cookies. Driving somebody else (especially via RidePost) is similar to hosting someone in your home, as your passenger should feel safe, welcome, and comfortable at all times. Here are five things to remember when driving somebody else to make sure you are as good a RidePost driver as you can be:

1. Drive Safely

As a RidePost driver, you should ensure your passenger feels safe with your driving. Some people have a need for speed–I get it. But when you are responsible for the safety of another person, you should respect that your passenger might not like a fast and furious ride.

2. Pay Attention

Remember the scene from Dumb and Dumber where Lloyd is driving a woman to the airport and is not keeping his eyes on the road?


Yeah, don’t do that.

3. Be Clean

You don’t leave crumbs, trash and cups laying around your home when guests are coming over, so just be respectful and take a few minutes to clean your car up.

4. Cage the Road Rage

When you have guests in your home, if your next door neighbor’s dog gets loose and runs over to your house to hang out, you probably don’t yell and belittle your neighbor for his lack of good neighbor skills, embarrassing yourself as well as your guests. Instead, you understand that nobody is perfect and things happen. This mindset should be applied to other drivers on the road: nobody is perfect, and people make mistakes, so you should temper your storm in your teacup and not look and act like a madman.

5. Be Cool

This last point pretty much covers anything else–just be cool. Cool people are respectful of others, so if you can manage to be cool with everyone you drive, you will have a fantastic experience.

*Bonus Tip!*

Bake cookies, bring coffee, or ask if they want to bring their own music to listen to. Go above and beyond so that you and your passenger have a fun, safe trip while also to ensuring you get a good review ;).

Remember: driving another person is just like hosting somebody in your home, so treat them like your guests!


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