Riding Safe with RidePost

We frequently get asked, “how do I know the person I’m riding with is safe?

We’ve made it our mission from Day 1 to give you the tools you need to make the decision. Because ultimately, one person’s version of “safe” might differ from another’s. The key is to make sure you reach your personal level of comfort: it’s all about what feels right for you.

The biggest way we’ve found people to reach their level of safe is to know as much about a person as they can, before the trip even starts. To this end, here are some things to check out on a fellow traveler’s profile before committing to travel together:

1. Facebook Profile. Every member on RidePost is required to log-in with Facebook…meaning you will (at the very least) be able to see that individual’s name and picture, along with their interests, friends, and networks. This is your first “sniff” test: does this person check out on the surface? If they’ve got an active Facebook page, with active friends, this says a lot about the person right off the bat. Use this as your first test.

2. Music, Interests & Education. These are just a few other ways to determine if this member is someone you might have something in common with, and sheds a bit more light on who this person is and what they are in to. Plus, members have the chance to upload pictures of themselves doing what they love to do – check these out and get more of a feel for the person.

3. Social Verifications. In addition to Facebook, members are able to verify other online accounts. These added verifications allow you to see an individual’s overall online activity – which sites they are a member of, how active they are, and if you have mutual connections/interests on any of these other sites. The more social verifications a person has, the more information you have to make an informed decision on whether this is someone you want to ride with or not.

4. Physical Verifications. Members are able to verify additional email addresses, their phone number, and their physical home address. While we never publish this information to the community, you are able to see that it is on file – providing added layers of transparency.

5. TrustScore. RidePost members have the option of displaying their TrustCloud TrustScore on their profile. The TrustScore is similar to a credit score – but instead, measures a person’s online behavior based on their presence across the internet. The higher the score, the more trustworthy the person.

6. Reviews. All RidePost members are required to review one another at the end of every trip. This allows you to see what other members of the community have to say about an individual, and helps inform how that individual will perform in future trips. Use the reviews to your advantage – trust what people have to say about someone, and evaluate how your peers affect your decision to ride with someone.

7. Groups. Last but certainly not least, check out which RidePost Groups a person is a member of. The more verifications a person can claim, the more insight you have on that individual.

My Profile Page

My Profile Page

I hope these tips help you to determine who you feel comfortable riding with. The profile page is geared to provide all the information needed for you to make the right call. Keep in mind that if anything ever comes up, we’re here for you 24/7 via chat on the site, email (hello@ridepost.com), or phone (864.381.7433).

Do you have any additional steps you take to determine if someone is safe to ride with? If so, let us know in the comments below! 


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