Charleston: Some Notes From a Native

Last year, Charleston was voted the #1 city in the world, a few years back was voted the #1 tennis town in America, and is a generally cool place to be. However, no travel magazine or website or guidebook can tell you about the fun things to do quite like a local can. Lucky for you, I’m a 25-year resident. So the next time you take an adventure to The Holy City (hopefully via RidePost), make sure you add these tidbits to your list.

Get Your *** to Morris Island:


Morris Island, with its well-known lighthouse often surrounded by crashing waves, is located across the Charleston harbor, behind Fort Sumter, and is accessible only by boat. The island itself is completely undeveloped and is a protected land mass, given its historical and natural resources. However, warm spring, summer, and fall days will find one side of the island filled with families and college students having all sorts of fun. It rarely gets too crowded, except on July 4. If you’re looking for sandy slip ‘n slides, great; otherwise I would stick to Sullivan’s Island or Folly Beach. How you get there, whether via kite boarding across the harbor or going in a friend’s boat, is up to you.

Visit The Blind Tiger:


The Blind Tiger is, hands-down, one of Charleston’s best restaurant-bar hangout spots. It’s indoor/outdoor settings are perfect for enjoying a drink and deep conversation, and the weekends bring in music from talented folk, bluegrass and blues artists. Many nearby small business owners leave their art galleries, law offices, and food & beverage jobs and migrate to enjoy the wonderful bar tenders (ask for Jeff or Victor) and, if you’re like me, super cheap Newcastle. Don’t forget to also check out their mindblowingly fantastic Bloody Mary.

1 Hour Before Sunset, Explore South of Broad Street:


“South of Broad Street” is a term which refers to people who live–you guessed it–south of Broad Street. The houses south of this street, which bisects the peninsula, are among the oldest and most expensive in Charleston. Many of them are hundreds of years old and represent an age of Charleston class and gentility. One of my favorite things to do just before sunset is to simply lose oneself amongst the myriad streets and history, walking from one side of the peninsula to the other, eventually making my way to White Point Gardens, a.k.a “The Battery.”


Whether you want adventure, socializing, music, or simply beautiful walks, Charleston is a wonderful place for just about anything. If you’d like more advice on what to do for fun in Charleston (such as how to gain access to the secret Speakeasy hidden in the walls of a nightclub on East Bay St. or where the best surfing spots are), feel free to drop me a line in the comments!


4 thoughts on “Charleston: Some Notes From a Native

  1. One of the most beautiful & historic places I have ever visited. Stay in the old town area & walk to all of the restarants, sights, & scenes. Don’t miss the carraige trip. Also visit one of the plantations on the outskirts, the flowers & grounds are spectacular. Take your camera. Allow at least three days if possible.

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