Sharing with Style: 5 Startups That Will Change Your Wardrobe

I’m one of four co-founders at RidePost. I’m also the solo lady of the group – so it’s funny to compare what interests me in the sharing economy, as opposed to my male counterparts. We can all agree that renting our spare rooms, dog-sitting, or buying/selling/exchanging needed goods/services from our communities are awesome ideas. These are all ways that we’ve been able to offset some of our expenses while living a budget-friendly startup lifestyle.

The thing that’s been hardest on me, however, have been the style compromises. Long gone are my days of keeping at the forefront of all things trend and style-based. These days I’m happy to lounge in one of my company-issed RidePost tee‘s. It’s a bit of a departure from pre-startup life, but hey – it’s a compromise I’m more than willing to make.

Or is it?

Recently I’ve started thinking about ways I can recycle my own wardrobe, or at least vamp it up at a lower cost. I’ve known about Bag Borrow Steal and Rent the Runway for sometime – but honestly, I’m just not willing to shell out that much money for renting an outfit/accessory for a limited period of time. And rarely do I have occasion to fancy it up to that extreme.

I’m looking for ways to put my existing wardrobe to work for me. Get rid of the pieces I no longer use, and import some freshness – all at limited cost to me. With a quick google search, I’ve got my eyes on 5 startups that could be just the thing I’m looking for:

  1. Material Wrld. List the items from your closet that you want to sell or showcase. Your items go through a review process to ensure quality and authenticity – so you can expect the same from any items you take a liking to. This is definitely the higher-end / more curated lot of the bunch.Image
  2. 99 Dresses. Sell your items in exchange for buttons, which can be used to purchase other listings on the 99 Dresses site. Exchange at it’s finest – you just pay for shipping! But what if I sell and can’t find anything I like? We’ll have to see…


  3. Closet Swap. This one is geared to exchanging clothes with your friends. You connect with Facebook, upload pictures from your closets, and start swapping. The only downside? Limiting the service to your friends limits your options and – if you’re like me – your size might not fit that of your friends! This is a UK company so I’ll try my luck in the US market.Image
  4. PoshMark. Buy and sell fashion straight from your iPhone. PoshMark collects 20% commission – leaving you with 80% of whatever you sell. Not bad…especially since they handle shipping and quality control. You can also attend real time themed Posh Parties (think “clutches,” “leopard print,” “cocktail attire,” etc…) for curated offerings of that one particular item you’re looking for.Image
  5. HipSwap. This site takes a community-based approach to fashion, allowing you to browse neighbors’ closets and form relationships with fellow fashion lovers. The only problem I foresee: what if you don’t like anything in your neighborhood? (haha.)

So there you have it – my mission to buy and sell my way to a new and improved closet begins today. Hopefully this trending marriage of technology, fashion, and P2P marketplace works to my benefit. I’ll follow-up with a post to let you know how my closet hack goes, and which of these services works best for me!

Let me know what sites I’ve missed in the comments below.


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