A Local’s Take on Washington, DC

Today’s post is brought to us by guest blogger Chris Tissue, 4-year “veteran” of the Capital of the Free World, Washington DC. We hope you enjoy this local’s take…let us know what you like to do in DC in the comments below!

DC is a transient city. As such, you probably have a friend who is willing to put you up on their couch for a weekend of gallivanting in the nation’s capital. Take them up on it. When visiting the city there is no shortage of touristy things to partake in. Whether you decide to go that route, or the thought of tripping over a line of 40 children wearing the same shirt doesn’t appeal to you, consider checking out one (or all) of the following spots in the NW quadrant of the city:


9:30 Club

One of the best small venues on the east coast and the crown jewel of the DC music scene, the 9:30 Club is a must if you have ears. Why? The 9:30 Club get somes of the best musical acts you could ever hope to see in a 1200 person venue, and there isn’t a bad sight line in the house. But small venue means tickets sell out fast. Monitor the upcoming shows section of the website or check craigslist day of if it’s already sold out.

9:30 Club

9:30 Club

Alternative: Black Cat


Black Jack

Good music. Good food. Good drinks. Bocce courts. Highly recommend coming for happy hour between 5:30-7 during the week, all day Sunday for half-priced pizza, mussels and oysters as well as half-off good draft beers. If you are ballin on a budget, recommend the $2 cans of Schaeffer’s or other cheap beers that they offer all the time. But if you want a $12 craft cocktail, they have that too. Don’t come late during the weekends – it gets crowded.

Black Jack

Black Jack Bocce Courts

Alternative: Solly’s, Churchkey


Thai X’ing

Now officially the worst kept secret in town, Thai X’ing used to be the home of Taw Vigsittaboot. Just because Taw turned his home into one of the best Thai restaurants in the city, doesn’t mean you won’t be sitting next to his cat during dinner. Pay $30-40 (depending on the night) to be stuffed by multiple courses of homemade recipes of whatever Taw finds fresh at the market. Staples include the papaya salad, pumpkin curry, fresh fish, and mango sticky rice. Be sure to stop by the cornerstore on the way – it’s BYOB. Call ahead or attempt to use the online booking system via their website (just call ahead).

Thai X'ing

Thai X’ing

Alternatives (from cheapest to most expensive): Black & Orange, SundevichSakuramen, Ben’s Next Door, Jaleo, Brasserie Beck, Central, Komi, Rogue 24


Check the Washington Citypaper to see what is going on during the weekend. If you have some time to kill Sunday and the weather is nice, you can’t go wrong with the Meridian Hill Park drum circle. Imagine a flashmob of 50 just banging on drums while the local residents hang out in one of DC’s more beautiful parks. Pairs well with wine in a juice box.

Meridian Hill Park Drum Circle

Meridian Hill Park Drum Circle

Alternative: RidePosting somewhere.


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