RidePost joins the Fortify Family

In case you haven’t heard, RidePost is one of five new members in Fortify Ventures‘ Spring 2013 accelerator class. In turn, Fortify is one of the first tenants of the brand spanking new 1776 campus, the ambitious tech and startup hub of DC. So we seem to have landed in DC at what could be one of the most exciting, opportune times ever. Plus, we’ve made four new startup friends that are doing some awesome things (see below). It’s a great time to be on Team RidePost!

  • The Trip Tribe has cracked the code on what matters most when traveling: the people. These guys are transforming group travel by allowing you to choose trips with people like you: be it age, relationship status, location, interests, or mutual bucket list item – you’ll find the people you want to travel with, and Trip Tribe will take care of the rest. We’re definitely sensing some upcoming Trip Tribe / RidePost adventures – stay tuned.
  •  LegCyte is making legislation easier to understand.They save their clients (congressional offices, lobbyists, etc…) time and provide more accurate legislative analysis by simplifying research and uncovering hidden relationships in legislation. Staffers of The Hill, rejoice!
  • SNOBSWAP is an online marketplace where people who love fashion swap, sell and buy pre-loved designer clothing and accessories. Think of an upscale Ebay, with a Chanel addiction. If you’re not ready to commit to a new item, their style blog will keep you on trend and provide tips on what to do with your existing closet.
  • TrendPo is an analytics dashboard for all things politics. In measuring news, sentiment, and social data for anyone or any topic in politics, these guys plan to use this big data to predict future elections. They had success in last year’s 2012 elections – so we’ll see what they can tell us about 2013. Forget fantasy sports leagues: in DC, we’re playing with politics.
Screen shot 2013-02-12 at 8.55.18 AM

Fortify Ventures


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