We found it: the perfect Valentine’s Day gift

Still looking for that perfect Valentine’s Day gift? If you’re on a budget (and can’t afford to drop $150 on dinner reservations and flowers), look no further.  One of our favorite Valentine gift ideas comes from a RidePost couple who takes a different spin on holiday gifts.

Sometimes the best gifts come from outside the box.

Rather than spend money on an over priced meal, flowers or other Valentine themed day, they instead put their money toward an annual weekend trip to be taken in February. Lucky for them, their birthdays fall in January and February – so rather than gifting a birthday present, they take the occasion to add money into their getaway travel fund. Call it a two-for-one.

Think about the savings this way:

  • Valentine’s Day Dinner – $100
  • Valentine Flowers – $50
  • Two Birthday Presents – $50 x 2 = $100
  • Minimum travel savings = $250

Each year this couple takes a weekend getaway ranging anywhere from a ski or camping trip to a beach getaway to a drive to see a good friend in a different city. The great thing about travel is the power it has to change our perspective on life. Sharing an extra adventure with the one you love this Valentine’s Day can be incredibly rewarding.

Every couple’s relationship is different. At RidePost, we have a passion for traveling and it is an important part of our lives, even on Valentine’s Day. No matter where you go, we hope travel is a part of your memories, too.


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