Meet Genevieve C.

Happy Friday! After a brief hiatus we’re back with Meet & Greet Fridays, which means we’re here to introduce you to one of our most awesome RidePost members – Genevieve C.! Gen is a student at Davidson College and an avid traveler. When she’s not writing sweet blogs, you can likely find her planning her next adventure. Here’s a bit more:

Hometown: Chicago, IL

Favorite Trip: With RidePost, to Ole Miss for the Homecoming tailgate. Elsewhere, Shanghai China.

Favorite Roadtrip Music: Bruce Springsteen

If I could RidePost anywhere, it would be: an extensive trip down Route 66, Jack Kerouac style.

Why I RidePost: I RidePost because it is a great way for a college student like me to get places without relying on expensive air travel. Every time I have used RidePost I have met awesome people and made lasting memores. Not to mention I’ve accumulated some sweet new music.

Ole Miss Homecoming at The Grove

Ole Miss Homecoming at The Grove

Check out Gen’s profile on RidePost, and hop in to one of her upcoming trips!


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