A Journey with John P.

One of our members, John P., went on a most awesome roadtrip recently. Luckily for us, he emailed us this map of his route.

John P.'s latest roadtrip adventure

John P.’s latest roadtrip adventure

Our first response: holy $h!z@!

After recovering from our envy, we went ahead and asked John some questions to get a better idea of how this trip came to fruition. Hearing from John, it became evident that travel is about more than just taking a trip for the heck of it – it’s about connecting with friends and family – those were the ultimate destinations of his journey. But that didn’t keep him from having some fun and taking in some new sights along the way…

Here’s more of what he had to say:

RP: So, what was the reason for embarking on a trip like this?
JP: Reason #1: my girlfriend wanted to visit her family in Missouri. Reason #2: My best friend, from the Detroit area, invited me to party in Motor City, which we have done the last 3 years here and there…so I wanted to go back. and Reason #3: I wanted to visit long-lost friends, one currently in Iowa, two in Tennessee, and two more in Kentucky. So we made little detours along the way so we could all reunite.

RP: What were your favorite stops?
JP: I’ve enjoyed visiting Detroit and Canada in the past, however on this trip, I thoroughly enjoyed Nashville. It was my first time there for a substantial amount of time, so we got to see more sights and venues. West Virginia’s Hawk’s Nest was very scenic. The Bass Pro Shop in Springfield, MO was really nice. And the impulsive stops to the Jefferson-Davis Memorial, Anheuser-Busch paddocks and brewery were cool, along with the old Nash Capital near Vanderbilt, which was really epic. I really enjoyed visiting these sites the most. And finally meeting my girlfriend’s parents for the first time was the most important.

RP: Anything you’d wish you’d done differently / advice for future travelers?
JP: Wish we’d left earlier between stop to avoid some of the most treacherous road and traffic conditions I’ve ever traveled on. Departing Detroit, 94W between Ann Arbor and Chicago was definitely a challenge…and the blizzard in West Virginia on the return run was scary. I wish we’d had an AWD for the trip.

RP: Any plans for future trips?
JP: My friends actually just asked me that same question earlier today. We’ll get together this weekend or next and discuss. Most likely, it will be back to NYC, Tampa, Nashville, or DC. Will have to keep you posted!

Have you been on a roadtrip recently? Or are you planning to take one? We want to hear about it! Send us your travel stories at hello@ridepost.com. 

Here are some photos from John’s trip:

John Pernell Winter Expedition 2012-2013 (17) John Pernell Winter Expedition 2012-2013 (21) John Pernell Winter Expedition 2012-2013 (34) John Pernell Winter Expedition 2012-2013 (40) John Pernell Winter Expedition 2012-2013 (43) John Pernell Winter Expedition 2012-2013 (58) John Pernell Winter Expedition 2012-2013 (66) John Pernell Winter Expedition 2012-2013 (83)


3 thoughts on “A Journey with John P.

  1. Nick,
    Yea. The Map did not register Springfield. Did not notice until your question. Her family lives in Ozark. MO was pretty cool state, other than what I have heard about proposed legislation in recent weeks. We will return to MO probably in August or November.

    • Ah, cool. I’m from Farmington, a ways south of St. Louis and 30 minutes west of the river. Well, actually I’m from a farm in the middle of nowhere, but that doesn’t make a map very easily. (As for Mo’s legislation, there’s a reason many of us leave.)

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