The RidePost SB2K13 Bucket List

For all of you lucky soon-to-be Spring Breakers out there, we give you The RidePost SB2K13 Bucket List. Everyone is looking to have the best Spring Break ever, and so we thought we’d help you out with these suggestions.

The Challenge: capture these moments on film (photo or video) and share them with us via Facebook (/RidePost)Twitter (@RidePost), or Instagram (#RidePost). In your caption, be sure to specify #SB2K13, which Bucket List # you’re knocking off, and tag RidePost so we can see the image!

Capture all ten moments, and we’ll send you a free t-shirt! Every submission earns you a chance to win at additional prizes, too – so don’t hold back!

Without further ado, The RidePost SB2K13 Bucket List:

  1. Hang out with a local.
  2. Take a really touristy picture.
  3. Test your cooking skills one night and cook for all of your friends!
  4. Buy a super obnoxious spring break t-shirt that you’ll never wear again.
  5. Buy a keepsake that you will actually keep once you get out of college.
  6. Go to a famous restaurant, even if it’s only locally famous.
  7. Try something totally new…RidePosting? Parasailing? Zip-lining? Salsa Dancing?
  8. Make a new friend.
  9. Have an embarrassing moment. (Keep it clean!)
  10. Get lost one afternoon and enjoy every minute of it.

Screen shot 2013-03-06 at 4.51.20 PM

We can’t wait to hear from you! Good luck and safe travels!


2 thoughts on “The RidePost SB2K13 Bucket List

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