Meet Kyle J. (and catch a ride to SXSW!)

This week’s Meet & Greet is with Kyle J.!

Kyle and his band are making their way to Austin TX to perform at SXSW. His journey begins today, and they’ve got a lot of cool stops planned along the way. Check out his many trips in the coming week and hop in – this is your chance to tour with a band!

Here’s a bit more about Kyle:

Hometown: Charleston, SC

Favorite Roadtrip: Every tour that I get to do with my best friends. Chicago and Minneapolis both come to mind as far as cities we’ve gotten the chance to play.

Favorite Roadtrip Music: Jawbreaker, Quicksand, Turning Point, Tegan & Sara, National Public Radio, Pantera, Cave In

If I could RidePost anywhere, it would be: California, Massachusetts, or Colorado

Why I RidePost: To save money, to meet new people, and to be more environmentally conscious.

Screen shot 2013-03-08 at 8.03.15 AM

More about Kyle: as a senior Journalism student at the University of South Carolina and booking agent for Hope This Helps Booking, he’s pretty involved in the local music scene of Columbia, SC. He encourages everyone to dig deeper into their local music communities because it’s a very unique and rewarding experience.


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