The RidePost SB2K13 Challenge: Sneak Peek

Universities all over the country are breaking for Spring. To add a twist to the traditional Spring Break, we created the RidePost SB2K13 Bucket List Challenge to help you make the most of your travels.

To play, just capture the bucket list items on film (photo or video), and share the moments with RidePost via Facebook, Twitter or Instagram with the following caption:

#RidePost #SB2K13 #[Bucket List #]

Screen shot 2013-03-06 at 4.51.20 PM

We’ve already gotten quite a few submissions! Here’s a sneak peek from our sampling of entries:

From Molly B.: #RidePost #sb2k13 #1

From Molly B.: #RidePost #sb2k13 #1

From Zach F.: #RidePost #sb2k13 #2

From Zach F.: #RidePost #sb2k13 #2

From Zach F.: #RidePost #sb2k13 #10

From Zach F.: #RidePost #sb2k13 #10

Remember: Each entry gives you a chance to win one of our SB2K13 Challenge prizes. Capture and Share all 10 Bucket List items, and we’ll send you a RidePost t-shirt! Show us what you got!


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