Not Your Typical College Spring Break: My Service Trip to Miami

Hey RidePost fam!

It is Spring Break time across the college nation which means one thing—ROADTRIPS! I had my break last week and just wanted to tell y’all a little bit about it: I got to go to Miami for the first time! I went as part of a mission trip with my church, Midtown. There were about 200 people on the trip and it has definitely been my best spring break ever!

High Points

  • The drive time! I traveled with the group I would be serving with all week in one huge 15 passenger van. Even though we didn’t know each other at all before the trip, we were great friends by the time we arrived in Miami after the 12 hour drive because of the great conversation we had! Roadtrips are infinitely better when you have good company to share the ride with.
  • That CITY! I had never visited Miami before but I do love that city! The skyline is absolutely stunning. There are so many cool areas to hang out as well. One night, my group got dinner in a cute area called Coconut Grove. That area closely resembles a small town with small store fronts and boutiques. We also hung out at the beach in Crandon Park that was GORGEOUS!
  • The weather! Since it has been SO cold in Columbia recently, it was nice to go somewhere where I could go ahead and break out all of my dresses I’ve been dying to wear!
  • Our awesome service site! My group was stationed at Crandon Park during the week and got to do some really cool service! On the first day, we worked in the tennis stadium that is hosting the Sony Open as we speak. Their tennis stadium holds around 14,000 people and they were expecting 250,000 for the whole tournament. And we also helped them beautify the grounds of the park around the beach.
  • The food! I had my first taste of Cuban food while in Miami and let me tell you, it is AWESOME! I’m pretty sure that if I could subsist totally on fried plantains and beef creole and rice—I would.

Overall, my first time to Miami was fantastic and I can’t wait to visit again! Where did you go for Spring Break? Did you send us your pictures for the SB2K13 Bucket List Challenge? Tell us about your trip in the comments below!


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