The Best Places to Celebrate Easter in the U.S.

While Easter is celebrated by Christians worldwide, the U.S. might have the lightest interpretation of how to get this spring holiday on. With an abundance of candy, parades, bonnets, egg hunts and egg rolls, this is one holiday anyone can get behind, Easter Bunny believer or not. If you’re struggling to assemble some last minute plans, consider one of these destinations to spend your Easter holiday:

1. The White House Easter Egg Roll
This has got to be the mac daddy of all Egg Hunts and Egg Rolls. President Rutherford B. Hayes began the tradition 1878, and this year the First Family will host the 135th Annual get together on Monday, April 1st for over 35,000 attendants. Whoa.

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2. Miami Zoo Egg Safari
A play on the traditional egg hunt – this version is infinitely more exciting in that egg hunters are surrounded by the wild inhabitants of the Miami Zoo.

3. NYC Easter Parade and Bonnet Festival
For the fashion forward, head to New York’s Fifth Avenue to catch a glimpse of the latest springtime styles and over the top bonnets.

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4. Easter Egg Hunt at the Biltmore
Once the largest private home in the U.S., the Biltmore has made Asheville, NC the location of one of the best Egg Hunts in the country. The hunt has become so popular, there are 3 scheduled start times throughout the day.

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5. New Orleans’ French Quarter Easter Parade and Gay Easter Parade
The Big Easy has hosted the glamorous and traditional French Quarter Easter Parade for decades. In addition to colorful floats, marching bands, and beads (obviously) – there’s a hat contest, to boot. Equally as elegant, The Gay Easter Parade celebrates gay pride with haute couture springtime gowns and bonnets.

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Did I miss any? Let me know in the comments below!


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