7 Top Colleges For a Car-Free Student

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With the rising cost of car ownership and increasing college tuition – more than ever before college students and parents are questioning if they really do need to bring a car to campus. As a result, college administrators and student group leaders are beginning to realize the importance of providing alternative transportation options for students and employees who do not want to bring a car to campus everyday.

Reducing the number of cars on campus is no longer just about freshman car restrictions.

Here is a list of 7 standout colleges and universities that are rising above the pack on enabling a car-free college experience.

7 top colleges for car free students:

  1. Princeton University – offers a complete Car Free Guide to Princeton University
  2. Clemson University – offers free area bus transit for local transportation and an airport shuttle to the nearest airports (via RidePost) for long distance trips
  3. University of Wisconsin, Madison – students and employees receive unlimited area bus passes
  4. University of Texas at Austin – students can rent bikes free of charge and have free access to local buses
  5. University of Dayton – after outgrowing their already popular bike sharing program, students who pledge not to bring a car to campus are rewarded with a free bike
  6. University of Pittsburgh – offers bus trips home to major cities and hubs in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic regions for verified students.
  7. Any military academy – Let’s just say that students/cadets/midshipmen/etc do not need to worry about transportation to and from campus at our prestigious military academies – that is taken care of. Something many other schools could learn from.

As more students as well as parents look for alternative transportation options, these leading schools and many others are offering options to car-free living on campus.