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Duke University Launches RidePost Private Network

Duke rideshare Powered by RidePost

Duke University launches a new rideshare and commuter network just for students and employees.

Alternative transportation on college campuses is a growing need and Duke University is the latest school to bring RidePost to campus. The new site gives students, faculty and staff members their own private ridesharing network: Duke.RidePost.com.

RidePost is the new standard for transportation on college and university campuses and Duke University joins a growing number of schools choosing to become leaders in alternative transportation on campus while offering low cost options for students and employees to carpool.

Exclusive to verified students, faculty, and staff – Duke now has a private ridesharing and carpooling network to meet the specific transportation needs of the campus community.

But this isn’t your old school hitch hiking, this is RidePost. Safety is key and on top of many other safety measures it requires a verified and current @Duke.edu email address to join. In addition, members can connect their Facebook and LinkedIn profiles to increase transparency as well as see any mutual connections with others.

RidePost is working with Duke’s Parking and Transportation Services to not only reduce the costs of transportation, but to lower congestion and reduce the need for cars on campus. You can learn more about this in the Duke Today article

If you’re affiliated with Duke, be sure to check out Duke’s RidePost page and start exploring how you can save money on transportation.

If you are affiliated with another college or university and would like more information about how to bring RidePost to your school please contact us at Universities@RidePost.com.

Still more questions about our private networks? Send us a quick note to Hello@RidePost.com.


RidePost is the new standard in transportation for colleges and universities. RidePost private networks help universities and organizations provide alternative transportation options while more accurately measuring activity specific to the campus community. Because the RidePost Private Network is exclusive to university only members, RidePost can translate that activity to miles, emissions, and cars on campus saved. Bringing the RidePost private network to your campus or organization is the simple, responsible and affordable way to showcase alternative transportation options to your community.

Contact: Universities@RidePost.com


Dickinson College joins the RidePost Network

DIckinson College Rideboard

Hello Red Devils, we are sooooo happy to see you!

Alternative transportation on college campuses is a growing need and Dickinson College is the latest (and greatest) school to bring RidePost to campus. The new site gives students, faculty and staff members their own private ridesharing network: Dickinson.RidePost.com.

Dickinson College is the latest in a growing number of colleges and universities choosing to become leaders in sustainable transportation on campus while offering low cost transportation.

Exclusive to verified students, faculty, and staff, Dickinson now has a private ridesharing and carpooling network to meet the specific transportation needs of the campus community.

But this isn’t your old school hitch hiking, this is RidePost. Safety is key and on top of many other safety measures it requires a verified Dickinson email address to join.

As an added bonus, the school will now be using RidePost for all future holiday shuttle signups. The new network will streamline all future break shuttle signups making it easier than ever for students to find alternative transportation.

We are working directly with Dickinson’s administration to not only reduce the costs of transportation, but to lower congestion and reduce the number of cars on campus. You can learn more on Dickinson’s ride board here.

If you’re affiliated with Dickinson, be sure to check out RidePost Dickinson and start posting your trips, ASAP!

If you are affiliated with another college or university and would like more information about how to bring RidePost to your school please contact us at Universities@RidePost.com.

Still more questions about our private networks? Shoot us a quick note @ Hello@RidePost.com.


RidePost is the new standard in transportation services for colleges and universities. RidePost private networks help universities and organizations provide alternative transportation options while more accurately measuring activity specific to the campus community. Because the RidePost Private Network is exclusive to university only members, RidePost can translate that activity to miles, emissions, and cars on campus saved.

6 Myths About Ridesharing Busted

6 ridesharing myths, busted.

We get many questions from our growing member base. Some of the more common things we hear at RidePost are about ridesharing myths.  So we decided to share some easy to digest answers to a few questions, Mythbusters style:

1.) My parents have taught me that getting into the car with a stranger is bad.

Mom and dad are right on this. Picking up a random vagabond on the side of the road with a thumb out or agreeing to get into a windowless van with the ice cream man is not the best way to go. Don’t do that. Ever.

This is why we created RidePost. When booking your trip on RidePost, not only will you know who you are travelling with ahead of time, but you can send mom/dad/friend/family/Facebook friends a unique Trip Itinerary link, where they can see:

  • Who you are traveling with
  • What your itinerary is and driving path
  • When and where you will be meeting
  • Info on your driver and passengers
  • Pre Trip conversations between drivers and passengers

2.)  Isn’t ridesharing like hitch hiking?

No. Fortunately alot has changed since the days of anonymous hitchhiking of 1970’s. Back in the day there was no way to check the reputation and personal information about others ahead of time.

Then the internet happened.

Thanks to online media, an entire generation of people are growing up with real reputations online. Using RidePost, you will know more about the people you are traveling with than you would if you get into a bus, a plane or a train. With RidePost, every driver and passenger self selects into the trip – so if you don’t want to ride with another person you can choose not to. Every traveler on RidePost must have a profile that connects with their social media, so you will see ahead of time if you have mutual friends, so you know exactly who you are dealing with before you ever get into the car with another member. Plus – you will see real and verified reviews of other people’s prior trips. So just like on eBay or Amazon.com where you can see how a buyer or seller has performed in the past, you can make a decision about a person based on their reputation and what others have experienced with them.

3.) What about the craigslist crazies?

Our enemy is anonymity. We believe that you deserve to know as much as possible about the person you are transacting with, before agreeing to book or buy. For this reason, there is no place for anonymous transactions in a post Facebook world.

You should know ahead of time who you will be traveling with, and make a decision of whether or not that person seems interesting to you. Because the only thing more important than the destination when traveling, is the people you are traveling with.

4.) Ridesharing is for unemployed hippies only.

Not true. Today in Europe there are over 2 million people sharing rides every month. In the US we have more cars, and more miles being driven in single occupancy vehicles. As gas prices and costs of car ownership continue to rise, a record number of people are turning to alternative transportation to get to where they need to go.

These are not just unemployed hippies. They are educated young professionals and savy business people. In fact, one of our biggest feature requests has been for a way to signup via LinkedIn. This is coming from a growing number of professionals who may not have a Facebook account, but have a LinkedIn account and are looking to save some money. Hello Networking 101!

5.) I don’t want to be stiffed by my passengers who say they will pay me $30 for a ride, but when we get to our destination they amazingly “forgot” they don’t have any cash.

No worries my friend. Everyone of our trips are booked in advance (ideally >2 days in advance). When a passenger requests a ride with a driver, they already have verified their credit card. As soon as a driver accepts a ride request, the passenger’s credit card is charged. This way there is no awkward cash transaction or doubt about the person’s ability to pay.

6.) I have a job, so I don’t have time to ride with someone else.

Not true. If you need to travel on a business trip or are just looking for a way to be more efficient on the road, ridesharing may actually improve your travel productivity.

Think of it this way, instead of driving yourself or shuffling between airports, you can ride shotgun while another RidePoster drives. This way you can spend all of your travel time working, running your business from the road and being productive while leaving the driving to someone else. Not to mention you will save money on travel, up to 75% of business travel costs, by using RidePost. If you are smart enough to have that job of yours, you know any boss would be happy if you save her money.

We hope this helps answer some of your ridesharing questions. If it was helpful to you we ask that you please share it with your friends or network. Help spread the good word.

If you have more please email us anytime @ Hello@RidePost.com.

The RidePost Support Team

The New RidePost

Screen shot 2013-08-26 at 8.17.11 AM

To celebrate one year since launching RidePost we released an all new look to RidePost. Version 2 of RidePost takes into account an entire year worth of feedback and communication from our growing member base. Our goal was to address the challenges we hear the most and plan accordingly for continued future growth. Our major issues to address:

  • Focus on People: In order to eliminate anonymity in travel, we want to showcase our members. When finding a ride on RidePost you will know more about the person you are traveling with than if you would have been in a plane, a train or a bus. This now starts from the very first page.
  • Recurring Trips: Commuting sucks and finding a carpool is historically difficult because people’s schedules change for kids, weather, family etc. However, with the cost of daily commuting adding up (gas, maintenance, car payments, parking, tolls, etc) more people are using RidePost to find others in the area to match up and form a flexible carpool with to work or campus. After talking with many of our members we have a new way for people to post and find others nearby to join in a recurring ride.
  • Member Dashboard: All the information you need about past, current and future bookings is now available for you in your user dashboard.
  • Simple Landing Page: A landing page is like a front door. Click here to see our new front door: New Landing Page
  • Mobile Friendly: We see higher volumes of mobile traffic every week, so we made a big update here. More specific data and stats on this below.
  • Move One More Step Forward: We want to be the best in the world at solving transportation problems. So as we do with any decision, large or small, we worked on solutions to make RidePost better than we were the day before.

Here are a few of the highlights to the new RidePost and why they happened:

New Look: As a record number of people are looking for alternative transportation, one area we can have an impact is to remove anonymity from travel. We focused our redesign on people first. You will now see much more information about people and their reputation before deciding to accept or decline a booking.

Mobile Friendly: Many RidePosters loved the look and feel of RidePost since our launch (hat tip to the fine design team at KA+A for their help there). However there was one recurring theme: viewing RidePost on your phone was a challenge. To be honest, booking a trip on a smart phone before was about as fun as going to the DMV. Well we have taken a step forward on mobile, now you can find and book rides with ease on RidePost.com. We made the decision early on at RidePost to build web first for two main reasons:

  1. Web design and development was the strength of our team
  2. RidePost trips are meant to be booked in advance – similar to a bus, plane or train ticket

78% of our traffic still comes through desktop and laptop browsers, however what we realized over the last 6 months was a growing portion of our traffic is coming from mobile browsers. Our traffic today is 22% mobile – up from 15% just 6 months ago – and growing in both volume and proportion of our overall traffic. We knew that with any major development project, we would need to invest in our mobile site. As a result you will see a completely new experience on RidePost via your smartphone today.

New Features:

  • Commuting: We tested this with an MVP style hack on one of our private networks – thanks wufoo. While testing it, we had a higher number of conversions than expected, so we have now launched what we believe is the easiest way to find others looking for a flexible commute schedule.
  • Account Dashboard: Under “My Account” you can see the number of trips you have made, the number of RidePost events you have upvoted and how many people you have referred to RidePost – note: the more friends you refer to us, the more likely we are to send you free stuff :)
  • My Rides: A common ask from members was an easier way to view your past rides and future bookings. Now you will be able to view not only the rides you have posted, but any other ride you are a part of in the past and future.
  • Accounts: If you offer a ride to another RidePost member, now you can use that money toward your future travel. Kind of like free money for you. When you are ready to cash out, you can send the balance of your RidePost account straight to your bank account.
  • Ride Cancelation: Now if your plans change or you request a seat with someone by accident you can cancel your trip – self service. No more frantic chatting with our support team at 3am – although we love hearing from you anytime.
  • Store: We now have RidePost logo items available here: RidePostShop.com
  • It doesn’t stop there, we have more goodies throughout the site and more on the way.

How Did We Do It? 

We get asked this question alot so we thought we would answer it here. We did all our work internally. We have an amazing and talented team at RidePost and everyone had a big part in our updates. Special hat tip goes to Robert as he led the development and redesign.

Going Forward:

Exciting times at RidePost. We have exceeded our growth targets this summer and look forward to continuing to offer the best transportation tools for our growing member base.

Our Vision:

The RidePost Vision is to build the 4th Element of Public Transportation. A cost effective, safe and reliable network. We won’t get you around town, but we will get you out of town.

Thank you for being a part of our journey – we are just getting started.

The RidePost Team

Airport Shuttle: The RidePost Solution

Screen shot 2013-08-21 at 11.22.39 PM

At RidePost, we have been testing a new spin on airport shuttles with selected pilot customers (no pun intended).

What have we learned? We have learned more and more people are seeking alternative transportation to and from the airport.

What do we do next? We will continue to refine this new transportation option and release it slowly for our members going forward.

Want to try it out? To become a member of our early launch team or to learn more how RidePost can help drive more customers to your transportation business, send us a note to Hello@RidePost.com, with the subject line “Airpost Shuttle”.

Travel Safe!

Cyber Hitchhiking: The RidePost Solution

Screen shot 2013-06-29 at 2.29.03 PM

This summer there has been much attention on how the next generation, millennials, are shifting their transportation priorities. More people than ever are using ridesharing to get from point A to point B.

NPR has a great series on Youth Radio called The Changing Car Culture shedding light on how millennials get from point A to point B. The TODAY Show also had a spotlight on Cyber Hitchhiking and Teens.

Spoiler alert: Things are changing.

But how? Teens and younger people today are putting off car buying like never before, says a new study by the University of Michigan.

The reason is that the costs of owning a car continue to rise faster than incomes and are reaching a tipping point of practicality for many young people.

Think back, 10-15 years ago when a student went to college they had a car and a dining hall meal plan as their primary expenses. There was no cell phone bill, no wifi internet in their apartment and no NETFLIX subscription to watch. Fast forward to today when every student needs a cellphone, and wifi in the apartment is a must have. These new “required” expenses add up quickly to $150-$200 per month. However, students and their parents are not making an extra $200/month to cover these new costs. This forces other areas to be cut back. With the annual cost of car ownership topping $9,000 this is causing young adults and students to forego car ownership at record levels. Car manufactures are taking notice, as are universities and most importantly the people who are ditching car ownership like we have never seen before.

This is also why long distance bus carriers and Amtrak are experiencing record ridership numbers this year. However, buses and trains have limited point to point routes and are either too expensive or take too much time for many to rely on.

This is where long distance ridesharing with RidePost comes in. With RidePost you can go wherever there are roads and other people heading that way. However, unlike hitching of old, RidePost is a safe and social alternative to sticking a thumb out and riding with a stranger. With RidePost – you know more about the people you are traveling with than if you were to get on a plane, train or bus!
Screen shot 2013-08-21 at 8.26.20 AM
So check it out today, and if you have any questions on how to get started – shoot us an email to Hello@RidePost.com.

Safe Travels!

The Summer Has Rocked, But SOO much more to come.


The summer has rocked for us at RidePost.

First, we welcomed a record number of new members in June, then added another new record in July: and we are just getting started. August is shaping up to be another great month.

With that in mind we want to thank you for being with us along the journey so far.

One thing that really helps us grow is the feedback from our members (hopefully you). We take every suggestion to heart and work on improving RidePost based solely on member recommendations.

When we launched RidePost we had 100+ features we wanted to include in the initial launch, but thankfully we decided to stick with 5 core things that – just made it work. Since then, everything we add is driven by member only feedback. With that comes many improvements and updates.

In the coming months you will see and hear about some of these changes – wink wink. We think you will like some and probably will not recognize others. But as always – keep the feedback coming. Member only feedback is what drives us forward.

Also – we will be on the road quite a bit over the coming months (doing what we do best). If you would like us to stop and say hello while in your town, please let us know either on twitter @RidePost or in our contact form below.

And, if you would like to join the growing RidePoster Newsletter where we share early access and information with our members, you can sign up here: RidePoster Newsletter

Carry on!

Team RidePost

RoadTrip Stories: Josh Wu’s Roadtrip Across America and One Special Stop

Screen shot 2013-08-02 at 6.43.42 PM

Everyone has a travel story. One of the benefits of the times we live is the freedom of mobility. At RidePost we love hearing travel stories. When Josh Wu told us about his cross country trip, we could not wait for him to share some of his stories. He, like so many, is in the midst of an epic road trip. Here is his perspective on the time he is spending.

Take it away Josh….

The great American journey from east to west coast has been a dream of many ever since the days of the Oregon trail. With the age of the automobile and Route 66, the cross country road trip became a rite of passage for writers, musicians, and dreamers alike. I’ve always wanted to take such a trip and finally decided to do it this year with my girlfriend before she moves abroad.

In the past, you had to have your own car or had to hitch hike and hope for a kind stranger to give you a lift part of the way. Nowadays, with technology at your fingertips and using RidePost and other websites, you can take such a trip without a car and meet fellow like minded travelers along the way. I have also traveled around Europe for months using ride sharing websites with great success, and made friends along the way, so I figured it was time to return the karma and give rides to fellow travelers.

By listing not just my itinerary, but also my interests and passion, people using the sites are usually excited to meet me and hear about my adventures. So the trip becomes more about the journey rather than the destination.

With that in mind, one highlight I’d like to write about is the town of Marfa, Texas. After leaving from California and driving through Arizona, New Mexico, and passing El Paso, Marfa is another 130 miles or so. Basically, Marfa is a West Texas town of 2,000 in the middle of nowhere. So what is the attraction and why has the New York Times and Vanity Fair written multiple articles about this place? Well, Marfa has become an artist village and a living monument to the possibility of “permanent exhibits” created specifically for the landscape. It all started with sculptor Donald Judd moving to Marfa with a vision of creating art pieces that would never be removed. From there, his vision grew into a reality as more artists and galleries became attracted to Marfa and its ideals. in fact on my tour there were people from as far away as France that made a pilgrimage. You almost have to see it to believe it.

Are you ready to check out Marfa, Texas? Check out what is waiting for you there on Roadtrippers, then save money and book your ride on RidePost.


The Best Places to Celebrate Easter in the U.S.

While Easter is celebrated by Christians worldwide, the U.S. might have the lightest interpretation of how to get this spring holiday on. With an abundance of candy, parades, bonnets, egg hunts and egg rolls, this is one holiday anyone can get behind, Easter Bunny believer or not. If you’re struggling to assemble some last minute plans, consider one of these destinations to spend your Easter holiday:

1. The White House Easter Egg Roll
This has got to be the mac daddy of all Egg Hunts and Egg Rolls. President Rutherford B. Hayes began the tradition 1878, and this year the First Family will host the 135th Annual get together on Monday, April 1st for over 35,000 attendants. Whoa.

photo credit: dc.about.com

photo credit: dc.about.com

2. Miami Zoo Egg Safari
A play on the traditional egg hunt – this version is infinitely more exciting in that egg hunters are surrounded by the wild inhabitants of the Miami Zoo.

3. NYC Easter Parade and Bonnet Festival
For the fashion forward, head to New York’s Fifth Avenue to catch a glimpse of the latest springtime styles and over the top bonnets.

photo credit: www.nycgo.com

photo credit: http://www.nycgo.com

4. Easter Egg Hunt at the Biltmore
Once the largest private home in the U.S., the Biltmore has made Asheville, NC the location of one of the best Egg Hunts in the country. The hunt has become so popular, there are 3 scheduled start times throughout the day.

photo credit: www.pbase.com

photo credit: http://www.pbase.com

5. New Orleans’ French Quarter Easter Parade and Gay Easter Parade
The Big Easy has hosted the glamorous and traditional French Quarter Easter Parade for decades. In addition to colorful floats, marching bands, and beads (obviously) – there’s a hat contest, to boot. Equally as elegant, The Gay Easter Parade celebrates gay pride with haute couture springtime gowns and bonnets.

photo credit: neworleanslocal.com

photo credit: neworleanslocal.com

Did I miss any? Let me know in the comments below!