Airport Shuttle: The RidePost Solution

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At RidePost, we have been testing a new spin on airport shuttles with selected pilot customers (no pun intended).

What have we learned? We have learned more and more people are seeking alternative transportation to and from the airport.

What do we do next? We will continue to refine this new transportation option and release it slowly for our members going forward.

Want to try it out? To become a member of our early launch team or to learn more how RidePost can help drive more customers to your transportation business, send us a note to, with the subject line “Airpost Shuttle”.

Travel Safe!

50 to 500: Redefining transportation of 50 – 500 miles

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RidePost is a growing transportation network made up of thousands of normal people willing to fill empty car seats in order to dramatically reduce the cost of travel, while increasing access to transportation.

Our goal is no secret to those who know: RidePost is built to redefine transportation of 50 – 500 miles. (Take that old school!)

No denying that transportation habits are changing around us. With Amtrak hitting all time high ridership numbers, long-haul buses growing in popularity and airline occupancies rising rapidly; in addition to an increasingly mobile society – a new generation of travelers are redefining transportation in ways that have not been seen in decades.

But all of this change is coming at a cost to travelers. US airlines made $3.5 billion in 2012 on baggage fees, seemingly each month brings a new TSA controversy, train fares are out of reach for many and recent tests have shown the promise of free Wifi on long-haul buses falls short more often than not.

Riding with RidePost enables ordinary people to fill the billions of empty seats on our roads every year. Sharing a ride with other members of the community is the safe and social alternative to any trip.

As we continue to grow our network, we aim to redefine the 50-500 mile transportation mindset. So if you know anyone traveling by bus, plane or train soon – ask them about RidePost and see if they can turn an unpleasant bus trip into a comfortable weekend getaway with new friends.

Does the thought of “is it safe?” still sit in the back of your mind? Well, put it this way: with RidePost you will know more about the people you travel with than if you anonymously get into a bus, plane or train. RidePost gives you the tools you need to know exactly who you are traveling with before you ever get into the car with another RidePost member.

We have several exciting projects coming soon for our growing community and invite you to hop in and enjoy the ride with all of us.

To join RidePost for no cost, click here: Hop In with RidePost

For more information on how you can get involved in redefining the future of transportation, email us at

See you on the road!

Sharing Economy Hits Mainstream News

Could the Sharing Economy be on the fast track to mainstream adoption? This past Sunday morning CBS ran a special on the Sharing Economy. The segment covered all of the ways that Americans (and other parts of the world) are using the sharing economy to put their assets to work for them – and making better use of the things we don’t use 100% of the time.

The Founder of Shareable – what we consider the voice of the sharing economy and one of the leaders in tracking this new movement – was interviewed. He has some valuable things to add to the conversation, mainly, that the sharing economy is improving overall quality of life. New friendships are being formed, there is increased access to items and services that – under our traditional economy – one might not have, and through this people are experiencing the world in a new way. Not just in reconnecting with their own communities, but increased access to travel – having more local experiences that expose us to encounters with people , and places, we would otherwise not have come across. That’s something we’re proud to be working toward at RidePost – increasing access to travel, while making the experience more affordable and authentic at the same time.

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While the sharing economy might seem like a new age concept limited to Millennials and younger audiences, we firmly believe it’s just the opposite: it’s a way to take us back to a more practical way of life that existed far before our days of hyper-consumption and ownership. Because it’s all happening via technology, we’re able to scale this way of thinking to a much broader, more global audience.

Do you participate in the sharing economy? If so, how? And if not, why not? We want to hear from you!

The Top 5 Apps on My Campus

I’m a student at the University of South Carolina, and as someone constantly using her phone, I thought it might be interesting to share the Top 5 Apps on our campus. It’s no secret that campuses are fairly isolated from the rest of the world – and so I think our usage of apps might be different than someone that’s on a different campus, or who has since left the college scene. So here they are, in no particular order:

Instagram—Every picture looks better with LoFi…. Well maybe not EVERY picture. Instagram makes everyone an artist and is here to stay. The only word to the wise is caution against overuse. Your 18 pictures of your Styrofoam cup of tea have far less impact on your followers if you post all of them and especially if you post all of them at once. Pick your best one and let all of your followers marvel at your artistic genius.

Tinder—Almost more unexpected than SnapChat, Tinder has just started having a popular moment in the past few weeks. Tinder is effectively a dating app based solely on pictures. You can scroll through pictures of people who are nearby and either approve or reject them, and based on their response, Tinder allows you to have a conversation with them via message. I have personally stayed off of it, but Tinder has definitely spread like wildfire among most college students.

NextBus—A lifesaver for those who live on campus or those who have classes on opposite ends of a large campus, NextBus really is the best system for shuttle tracking.

SnapChat—Easily the biggest surprise of the year. Who could have expected that an app that allows you to send temporary funny pictures/videos to friends could be so addicting?! Some of my friends and I don’t even text anymore. Who wants to use 18 emojis in one text when you can send your actual feelings even if just for a few seconds?

Ruzzle—The biggest game since temple run, the word game Ruzzle has become an addiction for most college students. Your objective is to create as many words as you can from the 16 letters shuffled on your board. Your letters have to be connecting in some way by either being next to each other or touching at the corners. Competition is fierce and 2 letter words count so you best bring you’re A-game.

So those are the top apps used on my campus. What are yours? Let me know in the comments below!