Duke University Launches RidePost Private Network

Duke rideshare Powered by RidePost

Duke University launches a new rideshare and commuter network just for students and employees.

Alternative transportation on college campuses is a growing need and Duke University is the latest school to bring RidePost to campus. The new site gives students, faculty and staff members their own private ridesharing network: Duke.RidePost.com.

RidePost is the new standard for transportation on college and university campuses and Duke University joins a growing number of schools choosing to become leaders in alternative transportation on campus while offering low cost options for students and employees to carpool.

Exclusive to verified students, faculty, and staff – Duke now has a private ridesharing and carpooling network to meet the specific transportation needs of the campus community.

But this isn’t your old school hitch hiking, this is RidePost. Safety is key and on top of many other safety measures it requires a verified and current @Duke.edu email address to join. In addition, members can connect their Facebook and LinkedIn profiles to increase transparency as well as see any mutual connections with others.

RidePost is working with Duke’s Parking and Transportation Services to not only reduce the costs of transportation, but to lower congestion and reduce the need for cars on campus. You can learn more about this in the Duke Today article

If you’re affiliated with Duke, be sure to check out Duke’s RidePost page and start exploring how you can save money on transportation.

If you are affiliated with another college or university and would like more information about how to bring RidePost to your school please contact us at Universities@RidePost.com.

Still more questions about our private networks? Send us a quick note to Hello@RidePost.com.


RidePost is the new standard in transportation for colleges and universities. RidePost private networks help universities and organizations provide alternative transportation options while more accurately measuring activity specific to the campus community. Because the RidePost Private Network is exclusive to university only members, RidePost can translate that activity to miles, emissions, and cars on campus saved. Bringing the RidePost private network to your campus or organization is the simple, responsible and affordable way to showcase alternative transportation options to your community.

Contact: Universities@RidePost.com