Airport Shuttle: The RidePost Solution

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At RidePost, we have been testing a new spin on airport shuttles with selected pilot customers (no pun intended).

What have we learned? We have learned more and more people are seeking alternative transportation to and from the airport.

What do we do next? We will continue to refine this new transportation option and release it slowly for our members going forward.

Want to try it out? To become a member of our early launch team or to learn more how RidePost can help drive more customers to your transportation business, send us a note to, with the subject line “Airpost Shuttle”.

Travel Safe!


Meet Yuri B.

This week’s Meet & Greet is with Yuri B.! Yuri is a 3rd year graduate student at the University of South Carolina, and originally hails from a country halfway around the planet. Here’s a bit more about him:

Hometown: Pune, India. Currently studying at USC.

Favorite Trip: New Orleans in 2011. Met Nic Cage. Epic.

Favorite Roadtrip Music: Awesome tip: you can rent an audiobook from Cracker Barrel and return it to ANY Cracker Barrel in a week. They usually cost $40 to buy online, and they are great if you travel alone.

If I could RidePost anywhere, it would be: Macchu Picchu. But until RidePost goes international, I’ll take San Diego.

Why I RidePost: Lets me do my three favorite things – see new places, meet cool people, and save money!

A friend, Nic Cage, a teddy bear, and Yuri

A friend, Nic Cage, a teddy bear, and Yuri

To learn more about Yuri, visit his profile page, read his blog, or just hop in to one of his upcoming trips!