Dickinson College joins the RidePost Network

DIckinson College Rideboard

Hello Red Devils, we are sooooo happy to see you!

Alternative transportation on college campuses is a growing need and Dickinson College is the latest (and greatest) school to bring RidePost to campus. The new site gives students, faculty and staff members their own private ridesharing network: Dickinson.RidePost.com.

Dickinson College is the latest in a growing number of colleges and universities choosing to become leaders in sustainable transportation on campus while offering low cost transportation.

Exclusive to verified students, faculty, and staff, Dickinson now has a private ridesharing and carpooling network to meet the specific transportation needs of the campus community.

But this isn’t your old school hitch hiking, this is RidePost. Safety is key and on top of many other safety measures it requires a verified Dickinson email address to join.

As an added bonus, the school will now be using RidePost for all future holiday shuttle signups. The new network will streamline all future break shuttle signups making it easier than ever for students to find alternative transportation.

We are working directly with Dickinson’s administration to not only reduce the costs of transportation, but to lower congestion and reduce the number of cars on campus. You can learn more on Dickinson’s ride board here.

If you’re affiliated with Dickinson, be sure to check out RidePost Dickinson and start posting your trips, ASAP!

If you are affiliated with another college or university and would like more information about how to bring RidePost to your school please contact us at Universities@RidePost.com.

Still more questions about our private networks? Shoot us a quick note @ Hello@RidePost.com.


RidePost is the new standard in transportation services for colleges and universities. RidePost private networks help universities and organizations provide alternative transportation options while more accurately measuring activity specific to the campus community. Because the RidePost Private Network is exclusive to university only members, RidePost can translate that activity to miles, emissions, and cars on campus saved.


RoadTrip Stories: Josh Wu’s Roadtrip Across America and One Special Stop

Screen shot 2013-08-02 at 6.43.42 PM

Everyone has a travel story. One of the benefits of the times we live is the freedom of mobility. At RidePost we love hearing travel stories. When Josh Wu told us about his cross country trip, we could not wait for him to share some of his stories. He, like so many, is in the midst of an epic road trip. Here is his perspective on the time he is spending.

Take it away Josh….

The great American journey from east to west coast has been a dream of many ever since the days of the Oregon trail. With the age of the automobile and Route 66, the cross country road trip became a rite of passage for writers, musicians, and dreamers alike. I’ve always wanted to take such a trip and finally decided to do it this year with my girlfriend before she moves abroad.

In the past, you had to have your own car or had to hitch hike and hope for a kind stranger to give you a lift part of the way. Nowadays, with technology at your fingertips and using RidePost and other websites, you can take such a trip without a car and meet fellow like minded travelers along the way. I have also traveled around Europe for months using ride sharing websites with great success, and made friends along the way, so I figured it was time to return the karma and give rides to fellow travelers.

By listing not just my itinerary, but also my interests and passion, people using the sites are usually excited to meet me and hear about my adventures. So the trip becomes more about the journey rather than the destination.

With that in mind, one highlight I’d like to write about is the town of Marfa, Texas. After leaving from California and driving through Arizona, New Mexico, and passing El Paso, Marfa is another 130 miles or so. Basically, Marfa is a West Texas town of 2,000 in the middle of nowhere. So what is the attraction and why has the New York Times and Vanity Fair written multiple articles about this place? Well, Marfa has become an artist village and a living monument to the possibility of “permanent exhibits” created specifically for the landscape. It all started with sculptor Donald Judd moving to Marfa with a vision of creating art pieces that would never be removed. From there, his vision grew into a reality as more artists and galleries became attracted to Marfa and its ideals. in fact on my tour there were people from as far away as France that made a pilgrimage. You almost have to see it to believe it.

Are you ready to check out Marfa, Texas? Check out what is waiting for you there on Roadtrippers, then save money and book your ride on RidePost.


2013: The Year of Domestic Travel

I’m still making my 2013 travel list;  I’ll admit, it’s always a bit of a process for me. While we keep working away on RidePost, I have no doubt that time and budget will make 2013 a year of domestic travel. Which – given all the places I have yet to see in my own backyard – is all good with me.

My high level search usually starts with the big travel sources: NY Times & Lonely Planet. Between the two, NY Times gives me the higher-end targets, while Lonely Planet keeps me on budget. Once I’ve decided on the big destination, I can use apps like Roadtrippers to find cool things to do along the way – these guys are the masters of route planning.

So after all this, you can imagine my relief when the NY Times published the year’s 46 Places To Go over the weekend. Here’s what I’m thinking is up for 2013:

Houston, TX  Apparently Texas is turning the corner and it’s no longer about the “big.” Houston is dubbed the state’s cultural and culinary capital…perhaps this city could serve as the launchpad for the Texas Tour I’ve been wanting to take all these years.

Brenner's Steakhouse on Bayou in Houston

Brenner’s Steakhouse on Bayou in Houston

The Adirondacks, NY  I love the idea of camping: just not the actual execution of it all. So now that glamping is popping up on the East Coast (think of a tent, but with a queen size bed and more uppity food over an open fire) – The Adirondacks might be my summer roadtrip.

Glamping in The Adirondacks

Glamping in The Adirondacks

Louisville, KY  Definitely the dark horse of the group, I can’t escape the positive reviews coming in on Louisville. After an amazing weekend in Lexington this past October, I’m eager to continue on my Kentucky tour. I have my sights set on NuLu – think converted warehouses as microbreweries, antique shops and rebooted restaurants.

Bourbons Bistro in New Louisville (NuLu), Kentucky

Bourbons Bistro in New Louisville (NuLu), Kentucky

Washington, DC  I grew up in the DC area (Northern VA, to be more exact) – and couldn’t wait to get away. I never really “got” the city – to me it was always predictable and political. Now, every visit back to the District leaves me confused – is it me that’s changed? or the city itself? Probably a bit of both. Either way, DC is no longer the humdrum political scene of my youth: it’s become a vibrant food and music scene that keeps pulling me back. I have a feeling I’ll be frequenting DC quite a bit this year.

DC's Adams Morgan neighborhood.

DC’s Adams Morgan neighborhood.

So these appear to be my top destinations for 2013. All budget-friendly, and all very, very ridesharable targets from the Carolinas.

What resources do you use to find your next destinations? And where do you plan to travel in 2013? Let me know in the comments below!

Our Turkey Travel Facebook Poll

We want to know how people are traveling this holiday season. So a couple of weeks back – after Thanksgiving – we created a Facebook poll that asked:

How did you get to and from your Thanksgiving destination this year?

The overwhelming majority of folks (74%) traveled by car. Of the respondents that traveled by car, 65% indicated that they shared the ride with at least one other person. Take a look at this infographic for the complete results:

RidePost's Thanksgiving Poll Results

While our poll was extremely simple and straightforward – we don’t have any demographic info to complement these findings, for example – it made us wonder: what do these results really tell us? Some thoughts/follow-up questions:

  • Nearly half of our respondents (48%) rideshared their way to turkey. YAY! How can we increase this number for the rest of the holiday season?
  • Over 80% of respondents’ Thanksgiving destination was within driving distance (including the 9% that stayed put). How will this change for Christmas? Hanukkah? NYE? Are people willing to travel further for these other holidays?
  • Of the 24% of people that drove alone – did they wish to drive alone? Were they unable to find a travel companion to share costs? Why/Why not?
  • How far in advance did people plan their holiday travel? Did those who rideshared plan further ahead of time? Or did they find their travel partners last-minute?
  • How did those who traveled via rideshare find their fellow travelers?
  • How do the increasing prices of planes & trains affect the decision to drive? Or limit travelers to “stay put” instead?

Amazing how one little question can prompt so many more. It seems everyone has somewhere to go…especially this time of the year. So what’s the process for getting there? And where does RidePost come in?

Our last question: how will YOU get home for the next holiday? If you haven’t already, be sure to post your holiday travel on RidePost. You could find someone to share the costs, and make the ride just a bit more merry :)

The Sure Thing of All College Tailgates

The following is a guest post provided by RidePost member Genevieve Marie. Genevieve is a Chicago native and current student at Davidson College…

Here’s my problem: How does a non car owning college kid at a liberal arts school, like myself,
find a way to a big SEC tailgate at Ole Miss? As of last week, these were my options:

1. Rely on my flaky car owning friends. Let’s face it, college kids aren’t planners. One day they are 100% committed to driving somewhere and the next day they have bought a plane ticket somewhere else for their weekend break. Yet every time we, non car owning folk, convince ourselves that this time, it will be different.

2. Planes, trains, and Greyhounds. I could have opted to traverse the country on various
forms of land transportation that would have ended in a twenty four hour travel day, and about
the same amount of money as a plane ticket. I still considered this a valid option given the
greyhounds recent upgrade to wifi. Never underestimate the value of wifi.

Seemingly out of further options….I headed to the internet, only to find this gem of a startup:

Option number 3: RidePost. All John Cusack references aside, this is The Sure Thing of all
college commuting options- especially if you are me, and really just trying to hang out at the Ole
Miss grove.

Backed by an energetic team of college grads, RidePost accomplishes what old school
ride boards accomplished back when our parents were still using white out and typewriters.
RidePost connects drivers with extra seats with riders willing to share the cost to reach a
common destination. For the car locked college kid, this startup saves the day. The creep
factor is solved by requiring users to connect their various social media platforms to the site and
a system of reviews to create accountability and trust between ride post users.

I recently used Ridepost to commute from Davidson, NC to Oxford, MS; A whopping ten plus
hour drive. As per usual, friends who seemed interested in making the trek to the #1 ranked
SEC tailgate in the nation at Ole Miss eventually flaked out, and there was no way I was
spending more money than my semester stipend to get there. As I ran out of options, I went
online to see what other people with a similar problem had come up with. Lo’ and behold, I
discovered Ridepost which launched only a few short months ago.

I signed up, posted my ride and waited for a response. Within a week of my trip, one of the
startup’s founders offered to drive me. There and back. It was as easy as paying for my trip
online, and hopping in the car. I was only a few button clicks away from mimosas in the grove
with football fans and southern gentleman. My only hesitation was that I would run out of things
to talk about, or the music selection would not be as “dank” as it was advertised on my driver’s
profile page. I should not have been worried, the founders, Nik and Robert were fantastic people
to talk to and their assortment of old high school and college mixtapes from ex girlfriends,
was “dank” as promised.

My overall experience was, in short, awesome. I might go as far to say, that even if I had a car
I may still have chosen RidePost. After all, you never know who you will meet on the road and
what you can learn from others. In an age when stories are shared on Facebook and new
connections are found on Linkedin, RidePost is an awesome way to get to know adventurous
young people. Not only do I have high hopes for the success of this startup, but If you haven’t
attended a tailgate at the Ole Miss grove, just trust me when I say, it is not one to miss. Go
ahead and put it on your bucket list, and if you don’t have a ride…RidePost will get you there.

Visiting The Grove at Ole Miss Homecoming via RidePost

My RidePost Weekend in the Horse Capital of the World

I #RidePosted up to Lexington, Kentucky from Charlotte, North Carolina the other weekend for my college friends’ long-awaited wedding. I was lucky I found someone to share the trip – flights were insanely expensive! This was one of those weddings that served as part-reunion, part college flashback, and 100% celebration. It was a complete blast. People were converging down upon Lexington from all over the country and luckily, the city survived us all. I’ll give you the breakdown of our trip and a few tips on some fun things to do if you ever make the trip to Lexington:

The Road Trip
My RidePost travel companion and I met up Friday morning at a Starbucks that was the halfway point for us both: Welles was coming up from Rock Hill, SC while I was coming down from Cornelius, NC. Finding the proper meeting point can always serve as a challenge, especially when you are dealing with high-traffic areas that are susceptible to rush hour surges. We managed to find a spot that came right before our highway exit for 85S, which took us to our western route on I26W to US74W all the way through to Knoxville, TN.

The timing of our trip couldn’t have been better. We were driving through the Great Smoky Mountains during the best time of the year – the leaves were all changing and we saw some amazing color on the trees as we wove our way up over and around the mountains. For me, nothing is better than a fall drive – especially in a place where you can see the autumn season at its best.

Knoxville was our halfway point, where we hopped on to 75N clear up to Lexington. I’ll warn you that after driving through Knoxville, there aren’t many fast food options, so if you’re particular with road trip food I’d plan to stop before passing by Knoxville. Welles and I stopped in Jellico, Tennessee for a quick bite at Wendy’s and to fill up on gas. Be advised that aside from Jellico, there aren’t too many other places to stop on the 3 hour Knoxville-Lexington leg!

Where to Stay
The trip in total was about 6.5 hours – not bad at all on a nice day. We arrived to Lexington where most of the wedding goers were staying at the Hilton right on Triangle Park. The location couldn’t have been better – we parked the car and were able to walk wherever we needed to go after that. I had initially been chatting with a fellow CouchSurfer who lived right in downtown Lexington, though in the end decided to stay with friends at the HIlton instead. If you are looking for a place to stay in Lexington, I would check out CouchSurfing! They had an ample list of hosts that all looked very cool and were well-located within the city.

The Fun Stuff
So on to the fun things to do in Lexington: Friday night we went to Tin Roof for drinks/dinner. This marks my third visit to a Tin Roof – it’s a Southern chain that has your typical bar food, but they always host live, local music. So it’s an interesting blend of a chain meets a local touch. I’d recommend checking out Tin Roof if you find yourself in a southern city – always fun times to be had, especially if you are with a larger group of people. After Tin Roof we walked back to DeSha’s, which was right across from the hotel. I ended the night with a healthy dose of GoodFella’s pizza – the pizza box was so large we had to turn it on its side to get it into the hotel room. Seriously, biggest pizza box I’ve ever seen. Late night pizza – worth every penny.

Saturday we woke up and headed to Doodles for some brunch. Great spot! I had the huevos rancheros – delish. Scanning the plates across my table, I’d also recommend the Egg Doodle – which puts a modern spin on the classic “egg in a hole.” We sipped on orangina and bloody mary’s on the back porch while hanging out with Bacon the cat. I’m declaring Doodles my top recommendation for Lexington.

After getting our morning grub on we walked around a bit and stopped into McCarthy’s Irish Bar, which sits across the street from a horse-riding green smack dab in the middle of downtown Lexington. This was your typical Irish pub – large bar, dark interior, jam packed with wall coverings ranging from sports paraphernalia to souvenirs from the Emerald Isle herself. Plus, getting a glimpse of a horse competition in the middle of the city was pretty awesome.

After exploring Lexington for the day we continued Saturday with the wedding ceremony at St. Peter Catholic Church, with the reception following at the Carrick House. Beautiful venues, both with a nod to old-school Lexington. Post-wedding, we finished the night at SkyBar -where we got to experience the full Lexington club scene, paired with beautiful views of the city.

The Next Trip…
All in all, Lexington exceeded my expectations on several levels. With more time, I’d like to return to tap into a bit more of the horse and bluegrass heritage of the city. On my list: the Kentucky Horse Park, the Festival of the Bluegrass, and a day at the races of Keeneland. What else did I miss? Let me know in the comments!

Here are some photos from the trip:

The journey begins! Nothing but crisp blue skies…

Crossing the Tennessee State Line…

Beautiful autumn colors, everywhere…

Winding through the mountain roads…

Passing through Knoxville…Lexington-bound!

Crossing the Kentucky State Line

Welcome to Horse Country

Doodles Breakfast & Lunch – look out for Bacon the Cat!

Horses in Downtown Lexington

McCarthy’s Irish Bar in Lexington, Kentucky

Sad to leave Lexington…but lucky to have another beautiful driving day in the mountains!

Feliz Friday from RidePost!

A very happy October weekend to everyone from RidePost! We can’t wait to get out there and take advantage of this glorious weather. It’s a great weekend to be on the road…we’ve got Nik #rideposting up to DC, Blair to Lexington, KY, and Robert to Charleston, SC. Marty will be tending to the beautiful changing colors of the Greenville area.

Where are you going this weekend? Let us know @RidePost – and send us pictures from your adventures!

RidePosters Curt V. and Deric D. exploring via ridesharing in Nicaragua

The Iron Yard Comes to Raleigh

Tomorrow is an important day for the teams at The Iron Yard: it marks Demo Day #2 in Raleigh, North Carolina. This morning Marty, Nik and Blair #rideposted from Greenville, SC up to Raleigh. John from team Spent joined us for the ride. It’s amazing how quickly the trip goes by when you’ve got three other people in the car to talk with.

Nik, John and Marty fueling up at the Love’s station for the trip to Raleigh

We got to Raleigh around noon and grabbed a bite to eat at Sam & Wally’s (it was right next to where we parked in downtown Raleigh) – then Marty and John headed over to the CED Conference, while Nik and Blair came to the Benelux Cafe to set-up the temp RidePost offices at the Historic City Market.

Anyone got any tips on what to do in Raleigh tonight? We’d love to hear from you!

To Raleigh!

Feliz Friday from RidePost!

Wishing you all a Feliz Friday and a very happy Labor Day Weekend from RidePost. If you’re traveling, remember to tweet us about your trip @RidePost! We want to know all about your adventures!

…and remember: you can still post your ride for a chance to win $50 toward your next trip!

Spotted: jaguar on Jaguar.