6 Myths About Ridesharing Busted

6 ridesharing myths, busted.

We get many questions from our growing member base. Some of the more common things we hear at RidePost are about ridesharing myths.  So we decided to share some easy to digest answers to a few questions, Mythbusters style:

1.) My parents have taught me that getting into the car with a stranger is bad.

Mom and dad are right on this. Picking up a random vagabond on the side of the road with a thumb out or agreeing to get into a windowless van with the ice cream man is not the best way to go. Don’t do that. Ever.

This is why we created RidePost. When booking your trip on RidePost, not only will you know who you are travelling with ahead of time, but you can send mom/dad/friend/family/Facebook friends a unique Trip Itinerary link, where they can see:

  • Who you are traveling with
  • What your itinerary is and driving path
  • When and where you will be meeting
  • Info on your driver and passengers
  • Pre Trip conversations between drivers and passengers

2.)  Isn’t ridesharing like hitch hiking?

No. Fortunately alot has changed since the days of anonymous hitchhiking of 1970’s. Back in the day there was no way to check the reputation and personal information about others ahead of time.

Then the internet happened.

Thanks to online media, an entire generation of people are growing up with real reputations online. Using RidePost, you will know more about the people you are traveling with than you would if you get into a bus, a plane or a train. With RidePost, every driver and passenger self selects into the trip – so if you don’t want to ride with another person you can choose not to. Every traveler on RidePost must have a profile that connects with their social media, so you will see ahead of time if you have mutual friends, so you know exactly who you are dealing with before you ever get into the car with another member. Plus – you will see real and verified reviews of other people’s prior trips. So just like on eBay or Amazon.com where you can see how a buyer or seller has performed in the past, you can make a decision about a person based on their reputation and what others have experienced with them.

3.) What about the craigslist crazies?

Our enemy is anonymity. We believe that you deserve to know as much as possible about the person you are transacting with, before agreeing to book or buy. For this reason, there is no place for anonymous transactions in a post Facebook world.

You should know ahead of time who you will be traveling with, and make a decision of whether or not that person seems interesting to you. Because the only thing more important than the destination when traveling, is the people you are traveling with.

4.) Ridesharing is for unemployed hippies only.

Not true. Today in Europe there are over 2 million people sharing rides every month. In the US we have more cars, and more miles being driven in single occupancy vehicles. As gas prices and costs of car ownership continue to rise, a record number of people are turning to alternative transportation to get to where they need to go.

These are not just unemployed hippies. They are educated young professionals and savy business people. In fact, one of our biggest feature requests has been for a way to signup via LinkedIn. This is coming from a growing number of professionals who may not have a Facebook account, but have a LinkedIn account and are looking to save some money. Hello Networking 101!

5.) I don’t want to be stiffed by my passengers who say they will pay me $30 for a ride, but when we get to our destination they amazingly “forgot” they don’t have any cash.

No worries my friend. Everyone of our trips are booked in advance (ideally >2 days in advance). When a passenger requests a ride with a driver, they already have verified their credit card. As soon as a driver accepts a ride request, the passenger’s credit card is charged. This way there is no awkward cash transaction or doubt about the person’s ability to pay.

6.) I have a job, so I don’t have time to ride with someone else.

Not true. If you need to travel on a business trip or are just looking for a way to be more efficient on the road, ridesharing may actually improve your travel productivity.

Think of it this way, instead of driving yourself or shuffling between airports, you can ride shotgun while another RidePoster drives. This way you can spend all of your travel time working, running your business from the road and being productive while leaving the driving to someone else. Not to mention you will save money on travel, up to 75% of business travel costs, by using RidePost. If you are smart enough to have that job of yours, you know any boss would be happy if you save her money.

We hope this helps answer some of your ridesharing questions. If it was helpful to you we ask that you please share it with your friends or network. Help spread the good word.

If you have more please email us anytime @ Hello@RidePost.com.

The RidePost Support Team


RoadTrip Stories: Josh Wu’s Roadtrip Across America and One Special Stop

Screen shot 2013-08-02 at 6.43.42 PM

Everyone has a travel story. One of the benefits of the times we live is the freedom of mobility. At RidePost we love hearing travel stories. When Josh Wu told us about his cross country trip, we could not wait for him to share some of his stories. He, like so many, is in the midst of an epic road trip. Here is his perspective on the time he is spending.

Take it away Josh….

The great American journey from east to west coast has been a dream of many ever since the days of the Oregon trail. With the age of the automobile and Route 66, the cross country road trip became a rite of passage for writers, musicians, and dreamers alike. I’ve always wanted to take such a trip and finally decided to do it this year with my girlfriend before she moves abroad.

In the past, you had to have your own car or had to hitch hike and hope for a kind stranger to give you a lift part of the way. Nowadays, with technology at your fingertips and using RidePost and other websites, you can take such a trip without a car and meet fellow like minded travelers along the way. I have also traveled around Europe for months using ride sharing websites with great success, and made friends along the way, so I figured it was time to return the karma and give rides to fellow travelers.

By listing not just my itinerary, but also my interests and passion, people using the sites are usually excited to meet me and hear about my adventures. So the trip becomes more about the journey rather than the destination.

With that in mind, one highlight I’d like to write about is the town of Marfa, Texas. After leaving from California and driving through Arizona, New Mexico, and passing El Paso, Marfa is another 130 miles or so. Basically, Marfa is a West Texas town of 2,000 in the middle of nowhere. So what is the attraction and why has the New York Times and Vanity Fair written multiple articles about this place? Well, Marfa has become an artist village and a living monument to the possibility of “permanent exhibits” created specifically for the landscape. It all started with sculptor Donald Judd moving to Marfa with a vision of creating art pieces that would never be removed. From there, his vision grew into a reality as more artists and galleries became attracted to Marfa and its ideals. in fact on my tour there were people from as far away as France that made a pilgrimage. You almost have to see it to believe it.

Are you ready to check out Marfa, Texas? Check out what is waiting for you there on Roadtrippers, then save money and book your ride on RidePost.


50 to 500: Redefining transportation of 50 – 500 miles

Screen shot 2013-06-29 at 2.29.03 PM

RidePost is a growing transportation network made up of thousands of normal people willing to fill empty car seats in order to dramatically reduce the cost of travel, while increasing access to transportation.

Our goal is no secret to those who know: RidePost is built to redefine transportation of 50 – 500 miles. (Take that old school!)

No denying that transportation habits are changing around us. With Amtrak hitting all time high ridership numbers, long-haul buses growing in popularity and airline occupancies rising rapidly; in addition to an increasingly mobile society – a new generation of travelers are redefining transportation in ways that have not been seen in decades.

But all of this change is coming at a cost to travelers. US airlines made $3.5 billion in 2012 on baggage fees, seemingly each month brings a new TSA controversy, train fares are out of reach for many and recent tests have shown the promise of free Wifi on long-haul buses falls short more often than not.

Riding with RidePost enables ordinary people to fill the billions of empty seats on our roads every year. Sharing a ride with other members of the community is the safe and social alternative to any trip.

As we continue to grow our network, we aim to redefine the 50-500 mile transportation mindset. So if you know anyone traveling by bus, plane or train soon – ask them about RidePost and see if they can turn an unpleasant bus trip into a comfortable weekend getaway with new friends.

Does the thought of “is it safe?” still sit in the back of your mind? Well, put it this way: with RidePost you will know more about the people you travel with than if you anonymously get into a bus, plane or train. RidePost gives you the tools you need to know exactly who you are traveling with before you ever get into the car with another RidePost member.

We have several exciting projects coming soon for our growing community and invite you to hop in and enjoy the ride with all of us.

To join RidePost for no cost, click here: Hop In with RidePost

For more information on how you can get involved in redefining the future of transportation, email us at Hello@RidePost.com

See you on the road!

A Local’s Take on DC: All Is NOT Politics In This Capital…

This Local’s Take is brought to us by Natalia Montalvo, one of our favorite DC-based RidePost members. We asked her to share some of her favorite DC spots for anyone planning a trip to our nation’s capital – enjoy!

Many have said (i.e. Thomas Jefferson), “All is politics in this capital.” For some that may be true – but DC has become a cosmopolitan city that offers more than just caucus conversations and historical sites. Without a doubt, the District has no deficit of museums, parks, and shops to visit while filling your minds with knowledge and culture. But once you’ve tipped your hat to Honest Abe on the monument steps (and affirm you could still ace American history), check out some of these spots to discover the other sides of DC:

Music Sensations

New Vegas Lounge

For over 35 years, New Vegas has become a DC institution. Nestled in the heart of Logan Circle, you’ll
hear the sounds of The Out of Town Blues Band (a 7-piece band) bursting from the entrance doors.
New Vegas Lounge is only open Friday and Saturday nights, bringing you best rhythm and blues this side of the Mason Dixon.

Alternatives: 9:30 Club, Black Cat, U St. Music Hall

New Vegas Lounge. photo credit: www.inthemo.com

New Vegas Lounge. photo credit: http://www.inthemo.com

Dining Destinations


You can’t go wrong with this modern take on Mediterranean cuisine. Chef Jose Andres proves to never disappoint and this is a shining star in his collection of DC restaurants. The mezze-style menu allows everyone to taste a variety of dishes from traditional lamb, seafood, crispy Brussels sprouts (a-mazing!) and an endless supply of fresh pita bread to feed the masses. Even with seating of 282, this spot is packed every night of the week, so be sure to make reservations.

Alternatives: Bar Pilar, Masa14, Birch and Barley

A delicious dish from Zaytinya. photo credit: www.the-escape-artiste.com

A delicious dish from Zaytinya. photo credit: http://www.the-escape-artiste.com


H Street. NE

H Street has gone through a complete revitalization bringing an array of new restaurants, bars, and
shops to this area. My favorite part of H Street is that many of the establishments are themed (and I love a great theme). What better way to celebrate spring than a German Biergarten? Check out Biergarten Haus for authentic German food and brews. Craving some Taiwanese-style ramen and dumplings? No problem, Toki Underground’s got you covered with a cool atmosphere to match. Looking to kill some time playing DC-themed miniature gulf, stop by H Street Country Club and attempt a hole-in-one while sipping margaritas. Feeling over-the-hill and want a great throwback night, Rock & Roll Hotel will have you on your feet and belting your favorite tunes.

Alternatives: None, you’ve gotta check this area out.

H Street Corridor. photo credit: www.washingtonpost.com

H Street Corridor. photo credit: http://www.washingtonpost.com

Rock and Roll Hotel. photo credit: blog.popularise.com

Rock and Roll Hotel. photo credit: blog.popularise.com

RidePost Partners with Firefly Music Festival

Happy Monday, everyone! We have some oh-so-exciting news to share with you: we are now the official ridesharing partner for Firefly Music Festival this summer! Here’s our super awesome section on the Firefly site:

RidePost to Firefly

RidePost to Firefly

Firefly is produced by the folks at Red Frog Events, who – through the efforts of their Green Team – brought us on to provide Firefly-goers a more sustainable and affordable transportation option.

So if you’re headed to Firefly up in Dover this June, be sure to book your trips with us. Why? Well, it’s a more sustainable way to travel and you’ll make new friends, of course! But perhaps ever better: we’re putting together some Firefly Survival Kits to help you make the most of your weekend with RidePost. Book your trips with us, and you’ll be entered for the chance at prizes, swag, and on-site competitions at the RidePost tent, live in Dover.

Visit the newest section of our site, RidePost Events – to find your travel companions for Firefly! Happy RidePosting :)

Book your trips to and from Firefly with RidePost! Visit www.RidePost.com/events/2

Book your trips to and from Firefly with RidePost! Visit http://www.RidePost.com/events/2

A Local’s Take on Fort Mill, SC

This Local’s Take is written by Lauren Johnson, a senior at the University of South Carolina. Lauren will be graduating this May with a business degree in Management, and has called Fort Mill home since 1999. Here is a look at her hometown and what she considers to be the best of Fort Mill – enjoy!

Fort Mill, South Carolina is a not-so-small town anymore. It sits on the border of North Carolina, and I have been lucky enough to call this place home for the last fourteen years! In those years I have seen Fort Mill grow an enormous amount. So, I thought I would share with y’all a few of my favorite things if you ever stumble across Fort Mill in your travels.

The first place I suggest you go is what I consider to be one of the best things about Fort Mill: Carowinds. Carowinds theme park is split between North and South Carolina. The park has a ton of awesome roller coasters, kid-friendly rides, and everyone’s favorite amusement park food. In the summer the water park Boomerang Bay is open, too. Also, around Halloween they turn Carowinds into Scarowinds, the scary and haunted version of Carowinds. It is a pricey adventure, but you can certainly get the best bang for your buck by committing an entire day to experience the whole park!

The Cobra Thrill Ride at Carowinds. photo credit: www.carowinds.com

The Cobra Thrill Ride at Carowinds. photo credit: http://www.carowinds.com

The best place to eat in Fort Mill is local Asian restaurant, Red Bowl. Since opening in the Fort Mill / Tega Cay area, Red Bowl has expanded to Columbia, Rock Hill, and several other places. Red Bowl is my absolute favorite restaurant. It has a cool atmosphere, and the food is excellent. I would recommend ordering the amazing Bang Bang Shrimp as a starter. Then for your main meal there are so many delicious options – you really cannot go wrong with anything! It is perfect for all occasions, and you don’t have to break the bank! I always recommend Red Bowl to anyone looking for a good place to eat in Fort Mill.

Red Bowl's Spicy Bang Bang Shrimp. photo credit: chapelhillmagazine.com

Red Bowl’s Spicy Bang Bang Shrimp. photo credit: chapelhillmagazine.com

If you are looking for some fun on the cheaper side and you find yourself in Fort Mill in the warmer months, I highly recommend Windjammer Park in Tega Cay. Windjammer Park is located on Lake Wylie and is open to the public. The park has a beach for guests to have fun and swim in the lake. There is also a playground for younger kids, and a covered area you can rent to have parties. Summers at Windjammer are the best: every Friday night, from June to mid-August, the Carolina Ski Show performs on the lake. It is one of the coolest things I have ever seen. There is a wide range of skiers from as young as four to skiers in their sixties. They do all kinds of cool tricks and it is definitely something to see!

The Carolina Show Ski Team on Lake Wylie. photo credit: carolinashowski.com

The Carolina Show Ski Team on Lake Wylie. photo credit: carolinashowski.com

A Local’s Take on Charleston, SC

This Local’s Take comes to us from Taylor Simpson, a senior at the University of South Carolina and native of Charleston, SC. While we’ve heard about Charleston before, this is a new perspective, which we hope will lead to new discoveries! Enjoy!

If you’re coming to Downtown Charleston and looking for some fun things to do, here are a few places that I am positive will make your visit worth it. Starting off around lunch, take a stroll down lower King Street and see if you can’t find a nice bite to eat or a great store to gather some souvenirs. For an inexpensive lunch, check out The Kickin’ Chicken, Jim ‘n Nick’s, The King Street Grille, or Mellow Mushroom.

Moving on to entertainment, if the weather is nice (which is highly likely), head across the bridge to Folly Beach to enjoy a nice tan and potentially make some new friends. The beaches are filled with parties and tons of excitement, so be sure to check out Stations 20-30. If the beach isn’t what you are looking for, how about checking out the South Carolina Aquarium, located right on the Harbor and home to more than 10,000 plants and animals including river otters, sea turtles, alligators, hawks, jellyfish, sharks, and more. The largest exhibit in the Aquarium is the Great Ocean Tank, which is three stories tall.

photo credit: palmettopulse.blogspot.com

photo credit: palmettopulse.blogspot.com

If you want to explore Charleston’s historic sites, renting a bike and riding along the Battery is one of my favorite things to do. You can explore not only the Battery, but the entire city in just a couple of hours. If a bike seems exhausting, why not try a bike taxi. The bike taxi will take you anywhere you want for a small fee, but you can literally see any part of Downtown Charleston that you’re interested in seeing.

Moving on to night life…If you walk down Upper King Street, you will find yourself in an atmosphere of excitement. Party goers are everywhere on the sidewalks and the bars are usually filled with people. Some of my favorite bars include the Midtown Bar & Grill, Mercury, O’Malley’s, Fish, and AC’s. Over on Folly Beach, be sure to check out The Sand Dollar (aka, The Dollar). All of these bars are the place to go if you are looking for fellow young adults. While weekends are the most popular nights to go out, Charleston hosts a great crowd any night of the week. I hope this points you in the right direction to experience a city that is historic, beautiful, and fun.

Midtown Bar & Grill

Midtown Bar & Grill